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6 Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta for Families

There is more to consider when relocating to Atlanta with a family than there is for singles. It is a big city that has a lot to offer but, typically, families prefer to live in the suburbs outside the perimeter rather than living in neighborhoods inside the perimeter. A family can buy a larger house with a sizeable yard OTP, while living ITP usually means settling for less space and putting many of your household items into a storage unit in Atlanta. Also, there tends to be a small town feel to the communities in suburban Atlanta neighborhoods, yet they are a relatively short drive away from the culture, art, sports, and entertainment ITP.

Living OTP comes with an understanding that you will spend a good chunk of your day commuting to and from work – up to an hour both ways, depending on how far OTP your home is. However, the trade-off is worth it when you consider the amenities, respectable schools, and the affordability of the homes, all factors that make the suburbs some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families.


Duluth, Georgia>>

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The schools are likely to draw your family to Duluth. There are many elementary and high schools, along with some private and Montessori schools. An impressive number of them are rated tens, nines, and eights by US News & World Report, making Duluth a top neighborhoods for schools—and one of the best neighborhoods for families in Atlanta.

You may not mind the 28-minute commute (one-way) from Duluth once you get a glimpse of the historic downtown area. There, you will find an assortment of arts and entertainment, shopping and boutiques, and a selection of local restaurants to provide a nice meal out without having to drive into the city. There is an eight-day art festival in late spring/early summer, and all summer long families from the community get together to enjoy food and fun at Fridays-N-Duluth, as well as live music on the green.

Johns Creek

Johns Creek is one of the more affluent areas OTP and, though there are fewer schools in the neighborhood, the ones that are there have high ratings, including Barnwell Elementary and Johns Creek High School. With a 96 percent high school graduation rate, Johns Creek has the highest rate OTP. Another plus for families is that the neighborhood has a relatively low crime rate: 29 on a scale of 1 to 100.

The commute for parents driving into the city from Johns Creek is a bit longer than most, at 30 minutes each way. The community indulges in its own festivals to celebrate its heritage and its residents, such as the Taste of Johns Creek every fall where gourmet foods from local restaurants are featured along with community merchants who set up shop among the non-food vendors.

In addition to boasting some of the best family-friendly activities in Atlanta, golf enthusiasts will adore Johns Creek; the six golf courses in the area are a big draw. Notably, the Atlanta Athletic Club was host to the PGA Championship in 2011.


Alpharetta schools are some of the highest rated in Atlanta. Many have garnered nines and tens on the US News & World Report scale, and there is a variety of private, elementary, middle, and high schools for families to choose from. Crime rates are low, too, making it a suburb that real estate agents have no trouble selling homes in.

At about 30 minutes one-way, the commute from Alpharetta is average for the OTP Atlanta neighborhoods. However, Alpharetta is one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for young families because they don’t have to travel into the city to shop or get a great meal. The North Point Mall is nearby, and there are dozens of unique local eateries for casual occasions as well as date night out. Plus, Wills Park offers options for family fun with walking trails and a place to swim.


Marietta, Georgia

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Marietta is one of the larger suburbs but, with a charter school system of its own in addition to a number of public and private schools, it's one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA for families. Many of the schools in the area rate between ten and eight, demonstrating why many families are drawn to Marietta.

The commute from Marietta is what you would expect for a drive to work from the suburbs: 28 minutes one-way. However, there is plenty of shopping and places to eat not only in historic Marietta Square, but throughout the surrounding area. The Square is also host to a Farmer’s Market on most weekends year-round, and between April and November, local artists join the farmers to display their crafts and wares. Families who enjoy an entertaining history lesson can join in a Ghost of Marietta Walking Tour, and few people ever miss the annual holiday festival and tree lighting, also in Marietta Square.


Families who choose a neighborhood based on the school system love Woodstock’s high-ranking schools. Mostly rated at eight and above, the middle, elementary, and high schools in the Woodstock area help make it a draw for families.

At 34 minutes one-way, the commute from Woodstock is on the longer side, but people who are employed in the suburb are typically close enough to walk to work. For extracurricular fun, the shopping, dining, and festivals in Woodstock bring vibrancy to the area. In addition to outlet malls and vintage shops, Woodstock has an array of local restaurants. Local art is big in the community, and seminars, performances, and exhibits can all be enjoyed at the Elm Street Cultural Art Village. With summer concerts, attractions and festivals every month, there is always something to do in this Atlanta suburb.


When you see all the nines and tens that the schools in the Atlanta suburb of Suwanee score, you may not look at any of the other Atlanta neighborhoods. With a number of public and private elementary, middle, and high schools, this suburb OTP accommodates pretty much any family. Safety is on the upper end, too, with a crime score of 35 out of 100.

With a 32-minute commute one-way, Suwanee is a little further away than some of the other suburbs. However, the “Our Town” feel of the community is what has landed it time and again on best places to live lists. Many restaurants and shops are within walking distance, located in and around the Town Center. The area has also expanded its Greenway area and added five new parks to the suburb. People love gathering in the Town Center by the interactive fountain for a casual weekend afternoon, to participate in one of the many festivals, or simply to get some fresh air jogging, biking, or flying a kite. The suburb contains some of the best family-friendly things to do in Atlanta, and Suwanee is a great place to get some culture OTP, too, with a public art walk encounter.


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