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Average Rent for Popular Neighborhoods in Houston

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Are you thinking about moving to Houston? This thriving Texan metropolis is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city — NYC excluded. It offers some great recreational choices, too, whether you love to get outdoors, or you prefer to keep yourself sheltered from the city’s heat and humidity.

Before you decide where to live in Houston to embark on your next adventure, you should familiarize yourself with Houston’s rental scene. You want to be prepared to find the ideal apartment for your circumstances.

Average Rent in Houston

As of November 2018, the average monthly cost to rent an apartment in Houston was only $1,082. The average cost for a one-bedroom space was $967. If you want to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment, expect to pay an average of $1,205. You may be able to find a studio for less than $1,000. Of course, these prices may fluctuate wildly depending on which neighborhood you want to settle into.

How do Houston rent prices compare with those in other cities? Take New York City as an example. There, the average cost to rent an apartment is over $3000 per month. Houston is also cheaper than Seattle, where the average apartment costs more than $2000 per month.

Houston Neighborhoods

There are plenty of Houston neighborhoods from which you can choose. Here is a quick overview of some of the best places to live in Houston, based on popularity:

Uptown Houston

Uptown is one of the city’s more expensive neighborhoods, but if you are a young professional who enjoys a hip lifestyle, you’ll gravitate toward this area. There are many high-rise apartment buildings here, but there are also some single-family dwellings that you might be able to snag. The average rent for this area is $1,397. If this area is a budget stretch for you and you end up in a tiny apartment, think about renting a storage unit so you can have all your belongings nearby even if they aren’t in your apartment with you.

There are tons of things to do in Uptown, but the main attraction is The Galleria, which has 400 retail stores and an ice skating rink. It’s the perfect place to duck away from the Houston heat for a few hours!

Energy Corridor

This popular community is west of downtown, and it has plenty to love. It gets its name from the many energy companies that have offices in the area, but this isn’t just a center of business. There are apartments here as well as many single-family dwellings. It is a pleasant mix of suburban and urban, and it is one of Houston’s most ethnically diverse areas. The average rent for this neighborhood is $1,171 with one-bedrooms typically going for $1,035.

If you love to spend time outdoors, this is the place for you. Terry Hershey Park and the Addicks and Barker reservoirs provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Downtown Houston

If you love urban vibes and want to be in the center of everything, start searching for downtown apartments. Houston’s downtown has a Historic District and a Theater District. As you would expect of any downtown area, most of the residences here are apartments or condos, many of which offer substantial perks. This is the most expensive area in Houston. The average rent is $1,953, but one-bedroom apartments typically go for over $2,000 a month.

One of the best things about this area is that you can easily live here if you don’t own your own car. Almost everything is within walking distance. The things that you can’t walk to are easily reachable via public transportation.

As for things to do, there are almost too many options to list. Catch a pro baseball game, go shopping, or relax at Discovery Green.

If you want to live downtown, be cautious and enlist the help of a professional. The website of Paige Martin, a realtor in the Houston area, says, “The Downtown Houston real estate market can be tricky to navigate… specific units within many buildings have resale issue due to views, noise or individual parking spot problems.”

Westchase District

The Westchase District, which is an area in Houston’s affluent west side, features a slew of spacious updated apartments. It is particularly loved by families. There are tons of businesses in the area, too, making it convenient for job-seekers. The area has some nice jogging trails and a popular public swimming pool. The average rent for this area is $1,005 and you can typically get a one-bedroom apartment for around $900 a month in this area.

Traffic is known to be a bit more congested here, so you’ll have to plan your commute carefully if you work outside the Westchase District. Public transportation is also an option.


Montrose is one of the city’s coolest places to live. It features an eclectic mix of updated apartments and old-school dwelling places. Artists, students, and empty nesters flock to this area for its bohemian vibe. It is also the heart of Houston’s LGBT community. There are tons of great local restaurants and shopping venues here.

Rent prices in Montrose have climbed during recent years; however, it is still a somewhat affordable neighborhood. Renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $1,138 a month. The city’s light rail hasn’t yet reached the area, but the bus is a convenient option if you don’t have your own car.

Do Your Research Before Moving

It is impossible to expound on all your options for moving to Houston here. Do some of your own research and explore other Houston moving guide articles. Try to find sources that bring you firsthand information about the city and its neighborhoods — maybe even visit there yourself before you move so you can truly get a feel for all that Houston offers. Happy moving!

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