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Storage That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Mouth-watering. Delicious. Delectable. You might use these three words to describe your most favorite food, but you'd never use them while thinking about storage containers, right? Wrong! Check out the 5 storage containers in this post. They're good enough to eat.

1. Ice Bowl
An ice bowl is a smart way to keep your food cool while looking amazing. Start by cutting citrus fruits into perfect rounds. Fill a 2 ½ quart bowl half full with water and place a 1 quart bowl on top. Slip the citrus rounds into the gap between the two bowls at equal intervals. Use a wood skewer to help you align the citrus rounds. Then, fill the 1 quart bowl with ice cubes and put freezer tape across the two bowls to hold them into place and place the bowls into the freezer overnight. Remove the inner and outer bowls and set the ice bowl on its own platter or stand. Then fill it with fruit, a garden salad, cooked seafood, or ice cream!

2. Coffee Cookie Cup
Now you can drink your coffee and eat the cup too! Just be careful biting into this Lavazza cookie cup.
Woman drinking coffee then eating the cup

3. Cadbury Cookie Cups
If you are looking for something sweet to bite into, try this eggcellent recipe from In Katrina's Kitchen. Prepare your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough and add 3 tablespoons to each muffin well. Bake for 13-15 minutes or until golden and let cool it for 15 minutes in the pan. Then mix ½ cup of light corn syrup, ¼ cup of softened salted butter, and 1 teaspoon vanilla into a bowl and slowly add 3 cups of powdered sugar to the mixture. Remove about ¼ of the cream mixture and add 3-4 drops of yellow food coloring. Pour the white cream into the cookie and top of with a small drop of the yellow cream.
Cookie cups with frosting that looks like fried eggs

4. Chocolate Bowl
This sweet chocolate bowl is perfect for building an ice cream sundae or any of other favorite desserts. To start, all you need is a container, plastic wrap, and your favorite brand of melted chocolate. After wrapping the bowl in plastic wrap, pour the chocolate in and around the bowl to coat the plastic wrap. Once the bottom and sides are covered, place it into the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Gently pull the plastic wrap from the container and then peel the plastic wrap from your chocolate bowl. And violà, you have a chocolate bowl ready to be filled with the dessert of your choice.
Whipped cream with sprinkles swirled in chocolate cups

5. Watermelon Bowl
Pumpkins aren't the only fruit that can be carved! Transform your watermelon from simply a sweet, summer treat into a serving bowl too.
Mixed fruit in a halved watermelon

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