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Genius Ways to Repurpose Yogurt Containers

Empty yogurt containers_Repurpose

If you are a fan of yogurt, you are definitely familiar with yogurt containers and probably have thrown your fair share away. Why throw them out when you can use them to make fun and useful items? Yogurt containers, particularly the 1kg ones, are great for a variety of items. In fact, you can repurpose yogurt containers to solve a lot of problems, from gardening to innovative storage space and organization.

Has your child lost that sandcastle bucket again? Is there no space to store extra small toys? Do you love to have dips in your packed lunch but have no place to keep them? Read on to learn more about genius ways to repurpose yogurt containers to help you in all these situations and more.

Lunchbox Amazement For Dip Lovers
If you love to have dips with your lunch, then you can use those small yogurt containers. Use ones that come with lids or your dip would be everywhere. You can also repurpose the container so that it fits exactly inside your lunchbox.
dip container_repurposed yogurt container
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Seedling Pots for Gardening Enthusiasts
Clean and dry the yogurt containers well before you use them for seedlings. Then use a screwdriver and punch a few holes at the bottom. This would be great for drainage. You can use the big yogurt containers for indoor plants using the same technique.
Recycled yogurt containers_seedling pots

Storing Art Supplies For The Future Van Gogh In The House
Does your child love to draw and color all day long? Or maybe you have a Monet or a Van Gogh on your hands who has graduated to painting? The big yogurt containers that you have can be used for storing the art supplies of the little one. This would also ensure that all the supplies are in one place and you don't have to look for that yellow missing crayon or size 2 paintbrushes under the bed.
Crayon storage an organization_recycled yogurt containers

Great Molds For Soap Makers
If you love to make a variety of soaps, then you can use different yogurt containers from different brands for amazing shapes. This is not just applicable for your yogurt container, but you can also use a Pepsi bottle, empty Pringles can, and so much more. Just take a walk around your house and look for empty containers.
soap molds_repurposed yogurt continers

Beautiful Rope Design Container For DIY Lovers
For making this pot, just get some rope or yarn in the color of your choice, use your glue gun and neatly wind it around the container to hide the brand name. You can use a metal ribbon and other accessories to make your repurposed container prettier. Allow it to dry and you are done. You can use this beautiful pot for decoration, gardening and so much more.
plant pot_repurposed yogurt container plant pot 2_repurposed yogurt container
Via DIY Inspired

Yogurt Bracelets For The Fashionistas
Do you have a never dying love for all kinds of bracelets and wish you had one for every outfit? The times of yearning are gone because with your yogurt cup, a pair of scissors, some fabric and hot glue, you can finally get as many bangles and bracelets as you want. Just cut off strips from the top and make a straight pattern or make a wavy lines pattern. Take your fabric, ribbon or yarn and wrap it around the strip closely. Use your hot glue for gluing the ends together. Voila!
Repurposed yogurt container bracelets

Ice Cream Pops For Homemade Dessert Lovers
Why spend so much money on buying expensive ice pop molds when you have empty containers? Start off with your ice pop liquid. It could be fruit juice or you could actually make an ice cream mixture. After pouring it out in the molds, cover it with aluminum foil. Now, use an old ice cream stick or ice pop stick and stick it right in the middle of the foil. Freeze it for a couple of hours and you would have ice pops that are healthy, homemade and inexpensive.
Frzen treat moldsd_recycled yogurt containers

So, next time you enjoy a cup full of yogurt, don't throw it away. Store it for future projects and small, useful jobs around the house. Do you have any amazing ideas that you already recycle yogurt cups for?

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