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10 Ways to Upcycyle Your Old Tech Gear

Do you have an old keyboard or computer monitor collecting dust in your home or storage unit? If your answer is a resounding yes, we hope to inspire you with these 10 creative upcycling projects. In the comment section, tell us which of these projects is your favorite and which ones you'll be attempting to recreate.

1. Kick off your shoes and have a seat in this innovative chair from Nolan Herbut. It’s hard to believe this was made by upcycling old keyboards!

Image via Coroflot

2. Transform an old computer monitor into a unique aquarium like Jake Harms.

Image via Jakeharms.com

3. Don’t listen to CD’s anymore? Use a CD and the keys from an old keyboard to build a creative clock like this. Thrifty Ninja shows you how.

Image via Thrifty Ninja

4. Use old computer parts to create keychains like these RAM keychains from Etsy user XercesArt.
Image via Etsy

5. Upcycle the keys from multiple keyboards to create word art for your refrigerator. Can you spell S-M-A-R-T?
Image via Apartment Therapy

6. Create beautiful music with help from the wind and old computer parts to make a wind chime like this one found on Etsy user, ComputerSandClockS

Image via Etsy

7. Instructables shows you how to turn the keys from an old keyboard into a key calendar.
Image via Instructables

8. Using floppy disks and keyboard keys, you could make a tech-inspired holder for your desk.
Image via Trendhunter

9. If you are feeling ambitious, you could light up your living room with this coffee table made from computer parts or
Image via The News is Broken

10. Create an interactive one like this from dvice.
Image via dvice

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