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12 Unexpected Things You Can Transform Your Broken Objects Into

It's inevitable: household stuff breaks. Sometimes due to accidents and other times due to wear and tear over time. But just because your stuff gets old or broken, doesn't mean it's junk. In fact, a broken item can be an unexpected treasure. We bet you'd be surprised by what you can transform your disassembled possessions into and how easy it is to do it. Get inspired by our list of unexpected uses for broken things and give new life to some things around your house that have seen better days. Leave a comment to tell us which idea is your favorite!

1. Break a chair? No problem! Turn chair backs into hangers.

Image via Fairfax by Night

2. Who hasn’t broken the glass in an otherwise perfect picture frame? Remove the glass to make a picture perfect earring display.

Image via Kevin and Amanda

3. The tables may have turned on this old table, but there's no split decision on how smart this upcycyling project is.

Image via Migonis Home

4. Don't fret over broken stemware. Use the pieces to store tea candles to help set the mood at your next garden party.

Image via WikiHow

5. Transform this broken umbrella


Into a handy sack for storing all of the things you'll need to get through rainy (and sunny) days.

Image via Untrendy Life

6. Stay warm on cold nights with a DIY fire pit made from your old washing machine drum.

Image via House and Fig

7. Broken binder? Upcycle it to create a carry-and-go storage kit
Image via Cosmo Cricket

8. Let there by life, instead of light, when it comes to burnt out bulbs.

Image via The Hipster Home

9. Store & display your photographs in an innovative and smart way by placing them between the rungs of a broken ladder.

Image via Creative Ambitions

10. Shutter the thought of tossing broken window shutters. Use ‘em to create a smart storage space for umbrellas
Image via BHG.com

11. Or to help you declutter and organize your living room.
Image via BHG.com

12. Don't let a broken lens stifle your creativity. Use it to store paintbrushes, colored pencils, and more.
Image via Flickr

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