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13 Classic Toys from Your Childhood That You Should Put in Storage

Still have your collection of troll dolls decorating your desk? Do you secretly play with your Lite Brite late at night? Or do you find yourself new and creative ways to put Mr. Potatohead back together? If you said yes to any of these things, it's time to you pack those toys away for long-term storage. Here are a few toys to help get you started:

  1. Pushing this toy around looks adorable if you're three, but less so if you're thirty-three. You may want to keep this golden-oldie of a toy around for your children or grandchildren to play with, but until then, store it in your CubeSmart unit.
    old toy storage 1Image via Amazon
  2. As last year's hit song said, "cows go moo, frogs go croak, and elephants go toot" but this classic toy didn't really tell us what a fox says. In light of recent developments, you may want to retire this outdated tool and look for an updated toy – complete with all the noises animals make – instead.old toy storage 2Image via Amazon
  3. A Barrel of Monkeys may have been a barrel fun when you were a child, but with tablets, video games, and the enchanting world wide web, the idea of fun had reached entirely new levels. If you've been disenchanted by this old-school game, keep it in your storage unit for a really, really rainy day.
    old toy storage 3Image via Amazon
  4. If you are over the age of 12 and are still using this vintage toy to bake snacks and treats, you're ready to upgrade your culinary talents. Store this delightful invention into your CubeSmart unit and head to the nearest bookstore to try recipes you can bake in a real oven.
    old toy storage 4Image via Amazon
  5. Have any of these items lying around? Unless you are a Bronie, you may want to store for safe-keeping.
    old toy storage 5Image via Toys R Us
  6. This was reel fun back in the day, but chances are you'll never play with one of these again. Don't toss it though; someone might pay big bucks for one someday. Until then, tuck it away in your storage unit.
    old toy storage 6Image via Love from Random
  7. With the advent of tablets, sketching up doodles seems a bit archaic on this classic toy. Plus, your drawings aren't so easy to erase on a tablet. Sketch one last drawing before packing it away. You never know, your image could be in a museum someday. Although some of the Jeff Gagliardi designs featured below are more likely to make the cut.old toy storage 7a
    old toy storage 7bImages via JeffSketch.com
  8. Chatty Cathy may have been talkative when you first got her in the 1960s, but listening to her ask for a cookie – and 6 other phrases! – for the past 54 years has got to be tiring. It's about time she took a very long nap – in your storage unit.old toy storage 8Image via Rubylane
  9. Unless you were gifted with pogo-playing skills when this toy hit the markets in the ‘80s, this toy was the source of much frustration. Get your satisfaction – albeit 30 years too late – by banishing it to the back recesses of your CubeSmart cube.old toy storage 9Image via Newegg
  10. Haunted by this skipping toy growing up? By storing this gem in your unit, the kids in your neighborhood can no longer judge you on your low skipping score.old toy storage 10Image via Kaboodle
  11. Still sleeping with this smiling critter and his friends each night? Give him a good rinse, let him dry, and put him away for a long night. If you still miss him a few weeks later, he'll be safe and sound in your CubeSmart cube right where you left him.old toy storage 11Image via Like Totally 80s
  12. The Red Rocker and Blue Bomber have been battling for decades. Give ‘em a well-deserved rest.
    old toy storage 12Image via The Old Robots
  13. Believe it or not, this classic toy has been around since colonial America. While you may still enjoy toying around with paddle ball, we're sure anyone in your vicinity isn't, especially if you missed the ball once or twice. Put the paddle down and pick up something else instead.
    old toy storage 13Image via Amazon

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