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14 Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Organized in 2014

2014 is almost here! It’s time to start thinking about your resolutions for the new year. While exercising and getting healthy usually tops the list, getting organized isn’t too far behind. To help get you started, we’ve developed 14 smart tips to help stick you to this resolution well into the next year.

      1. Repurpose old shoe boxes as dividers to keep your drawers organized.


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Real Simple

2. Create a binder to house instruction manuals and receipts.
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3. Make the most of corners by creating wraparound shelving.
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4. Employ vertical storage solutions to create more storage for small spaces.
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5. Keep track of your essential beauty tools by applying a simple magnetic strip to hang tweezers, nail clippers, and scissors.
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6. Install hooks on walls or doors as a quick way to hang towels and robes in your bathroom.
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7. Organize your closet by purpose such as work, casual, or formal to make getting dressed for each occasion a little easier.
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8. Group your foods together in the pantry by keeping like items together for easy access.
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9. Make the most of tiny spaces by using sliding storage solutions like this one from Organize-It.
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10. De-clutter your bathroom sink using spice racks to hold of all your beauty and hair care products.
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11. Use plastic tackle boxes to keep track of items like batteries.
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12. Stack pots, pans, and bakeware instead of nesting them to make it easier to remove the ones you need when cooking or baking.
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13. Use bins to help your family keep track of their items.
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14. Keep your counters free of mail clutter with this mail organization system from Better Home and Gardens.
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