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6 Secret Storage Spots Inspired by the Prohibition Era

Popular culture is currently enjoying a big 1920s comeback moment. With the popularity of the show Boardwalk Empire and the release of star-studded movies like Gangster Squad and The Great Gatsby, the influence of the fashion, music and speakeasy culture of the roaring 20s can be observed everywhere. Amidst all the Jazz Age celebrations, we realized that when it came to storage, people living during the Prohibition Era had to be very clever– and very sneaky. In honor of the Great Gatsby hitting theatres over the weekend, here are six secret storage spots that would have come in handy during Prohibition.

6. Inside a bench or a chair
A bench or chair with a hollow middle could be the perfect secret spot for keeping “supplies” for a swinging jazz party. Without a handle for the hatch, this storage spot would be disguised.

5. Inside a staircase landing
Underneath the landing area of a staircase also makes an unassuming hiding spot. Throw a small area rug on top and this storage spot would be fully concealed.

4. Underneath a staircase
Another unexpected storage area in the stairs – underneath a staircase. With some strategic molding design and picture frame placement, these storage drawers could be cleverly concealed.

3. Underneath a bed
Check out this bed frame that doubles as a secret storage area. Lifting up the bed to access this area requires a bit of effort, but all the more reason that this storage spot will stay secret.

2. Inside Upholstery
Inside upholstery like this upholstered headboard makes for a super sneaky storage spot.

1. Behind a bookcase
The ultimate Prohibition Era storage spot: A bookshelf that doubles as a door and conceals a secret room. If the space is big enough – you could have your own speakeasy inside your house! Bookcase with a hidden room behind it

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