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7 Things from the 70s to Put in Storage

Stuck in between the progressive 60s and the excessive 80s, the 1970s were an era marked by troubles like the oil crisis, Watergate, the Cold War and disco. In pop culture, diverse cinematic heroes like Rocky Balboa, Luke Skywalker and Tony Manero inspired the masses while Farrah Fawcett's hair took over the world. In honor of this transitional decade, here's an official list of seven items from the 70s you should have kept in storage.

7. Lava Lamps
Here's how lava lamps were invented.

6. High-waisted, wide-leg jeans
They came back in style once, and they may again!

5. Disco Ball
Hey, you never know when you'll want to make a room in your house to feel a little more like Studio 54.

4. Platforms
Iconic 70s footwear with roots in Ancient Greece.

3. Led Zeppelin records
And catch up on your Led Zeppelin trivia while you're at it.

2. Wide collared shirts (a la Mike Brady)
Here's the story…you know how the song goes.

1. Star Wars Paraphernalia
According to Uncrate.com, the complete vintage Star Wars Action Figure Collection is valued between $2,700-$3,500!

Can you think of something form the 70s you wish you had today? Tell us in the comments.

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