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TBT: 9 Things from the 90s to Put in Storage

By now, once common items like CDs, Lisa Frank® notebooks, and pogs are practically ancient relics. Maybe you have some of these nostalgia-inducing items in a box somewhere collecting dust. If you stumble upon some 90s gold while cleaning your home, don’t throw it away! Put those 90s gems in storage and save them for future generations who will appreciate them the same way that we appreciate record players, vintage clothing, and antique furniture today.

9. Skip it
All you need are some batteries and the skip it can be enjoyed for decades to come.

8. Gak
Nickelodeon Gak was similar to Silly Putty, only slimier.

7. Scrunchies
You never know, they could come back in fashion.

6. Handheld Games
Before there were iPads, kids played on these.
Sonic the Hedgehog Handheld game

5. Light-up sneakers
So futuristic.

4. Tamagotchis, Giga Pets, or Nano Babies
Make sure this digital pet is turned off before it goes in storage.
Gold colored tamagotchi toy

3. Pogs
Be sure to save your coolest slammers too.

2. Beanie Babies
They’re going to be worth something some day, right!?

1. VHS’s
How many Disney movies on VHS do you have?
Various VHS tapes

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