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Surfboard Storage for the Smart Surfer

The sun is shining and the weather is heating up, and surfer dudes and dudettes everywhere know what that means. It's time to bust that surfboard out of storage and get out there! If you're looking to catch some sick waves this summer, you want your stick to be in primo condition—and that means using a surfboard storage rack to protect it from nicks and dings. Check out our top 10 surfboard storage ideas for hanging your board like a pro.

1. Finger Grip Rack

This adjustable rack is designed to be reused and can store a wide variety of surfboard shapes and sizes.

2. Hawaiian Gun Rack

This wall-mounted surfboard rack is padded to securely store boards and is easy to install. Plus, its minimalist design is about as stylish as you can get.

Hawaiian gun rack

3. Heavy-Duty Surfboard Racks

If you're a longboarder or a poly board rider, you'll want to make sure your rack is rated for heavier weights and comes with a good wall-mounting system.

4. Modular Surfboard Racks

A modular system allows you to stack your racks, adding a new one anytime you buy a new board for your quiver. They are typically wall-mounted, horizontal systems.

5. Surfboard Wall Sling

Wall slings are a super-affordable way to show off your board. The fabric straps allow it to lie flat to the wall, saving space, too.

6. MountIt Surfboard Wall Mount

This crazy cool wall rack can store a board up to 22 lbs in virtually any position with just two screws. Go vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal, and show off your board!

7. Vertical Surfboard Racks

If you've got multiple boards and plenty of floor space, storing your surfboards vertically is a great option for easy access—and water and sand drainage.

 8. Freestanding Surfboard Racks

The freestanding option is great for those who don't want holes in their wall—or those who are using a storage unit. You can even make a freestanding rack yourself out of an old pallet!

9. Surfboard Ceiling Racks

Look up! The ceiling is a great place to store your board. Get fancy with a lift-and-hoist system, or make your own ceiling rack with screws, carabiners, rope, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

10. Multi-Use Surfboard Racks

Make your surfboard storage do double duty—a rack with shelves or pegs underneath can keep together all your beach essentials.

Placing your surfboard in a shed or car on a hot summer day is the opposite of righteous (it can cause delamination and weaken the fiberglass coating, dude). If you don't have space in your apartment to store your board, one of CubeSmart's climate-controlled units is just what you need. And no matter where your board calls home, always be sure to rinse it, dry it, and remove the leash after each ride. Happy hollow hunting!

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