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AEP Ohio Recognizes CubeSmart for Energy Efficiency


American Electric Power Ohio, an investor-owned electric utility in the Columbus area, recently recognized CubeSmart for energy efficiency projects completed in Ohio in 2015. CubeSmart invested $70,000 for energy efficient lighting upgrades at ten locations in the Columbus, OH area. The lighting upgrades at these self-storage locations save 110,035 kWh or 82.80 tons of CO2 annually. It is equivalent of the yearly CO2 generation of 7.53 single-family homes and getting 17.4 cars off of the road per year.


Energy conserving lighting upgrades such as what CubeSmart is investing in are especially notable in areas of the country that are known coal producers and users. While coal is cheap, it is not clean to use. While other parts of the country have been encouraging environmentally friendly and efficient energy technology for some time now, regionally, coal has been the preferred source of energy. AEP Ohio is recognizing companies making investments like this as regional early adopters of energy efficiency and environmentalism.

Ohio isn’t the only state in which Cubesmart is making this investment. In 2015, CubeSmart spent $231,000 in energy conserving lighting upgrades at stores in Illinois, $110,000 in Arizona, $39,000 in Colorado, $29,000 in Tennessee, and $27,000 in North Carolina. For 2016,  CubeSmart is slated to invest nearly $1.9 million in energy conserving lighting upgrade projects at locations in Texas, California, and Nevada as well as additional locations in Arizona.

CubeSmart regularly evaluates conservation opportunities, and implements policies and practices, to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and expand our sustainability efforts. CubeSmart makes annual investments in energy savings and sustainability projects to increase operating efficiency and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

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