Best Experiences You Can Take Home With You

Written by Lily Rogers

New experiences challenge the status quo and give us more ways to see the world. While the memories gained from trying something different are definitely Made to Keep, we wanted to find the best ways to take more than the memory home with you. We set out to answer the question, "What are some great souvenir ideas?"

We've found some special places and souvenir ideas that are as good as the experience itself. These are not only some of the best attractions to visit across the U.S., they're unique ways to get to know a city. We hope this list inspires you to go on your own treasure-seeking trip.

Sports pilgrimages

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Louisville, KY

World's largest baseball bat outside the Louisville Slugger Museum
Via Bobby Y./Yelp

The Louisville Slugger is as famous as an inanimate object gets, and it's an iconic part of American sports culture. Go see the largest baseball bat in the world, then check out bats with the largest legends. You'll always remember seeing Babe Ruth's notched bat and Hank Aaron's 700th homerun slugger when you take home a personalized bat from the store. If you live in town, make room for more collectibles with Louisville self-storage

Louisville is also known for its signature drink, so after the museum, sip on a mint julep at the Silver Dollar. Then, order the distinctive julep cup personalized just for you.

Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

Iconic Wrigley Field sign with Cubs flag in the foreground
Via Mailoha A./Yelp

Catch a game at iconic Wrigley Field. It's a rite of passage for baseball fans, even if you don't root for the home team. The ivy-covered outfield walls and charm of the jewel box design make a trip here singular and visually pleasing.

Head to Wrigleyville Sports across the street to take home merch of the venue. Sure, you can stock up on Cubs gear, but why not represent the star of your visit: the field itself. (But also, you should maybe get a Cubs jersey, too.) Chicago natives can keep their sports goods at CubeSmart storage facilities around the city.

Regional fashions

The Broken Spoke, Austin, TX

The famous Broken Spoke Dancehall in Austin, Texas
Via Jennifer Y./Yelp

Have a ball at the honky-tonk, but make sure you look the part. Show off a pair of Austin-made Tecovas boots at the Broken Spoke, one of Texas's most famous dancehalls. Take a dance lesson and bring home new skills with your new footwear. Your Texas makeover will shine as you two-step across the room and all the way home.

All this may be old hat to Austin residents, who know you can never have too much western memorabilia. They also store it at convenient Austin CubeSmart locations

Portland International Airport, Portland, OR

The original Portland Airport carpet
Via Emily N./Yelp

Of course, there are thousands of reasons to visit this beautiful Northwest city, but take some time to appreciate it right when you land. Its culture is so rich and unique, simply being at the airport offers a chance to take part in it. The cult status of the PDX carpet is something to witness, and you can take home a piece in the form of socks, T-shirts, ties, and more in the now iconic print.

If you don't want to stick out too much as a tourist, opt for the fashions from the Pendleton store. Even lifelong Portlanders love their beautiful prints, and their airport store is a convenient spot for last-minute shopping.

With so much fashion around, Portland residents collect a lot of clothes. Sound like you? Store them at our North Portland location.

Unique museums

Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ

Colorful katsina dolls at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, AZ
Via Julio H./Yelp

Learn about American Indian art at the Heard Museum, which specializes in collaborating with tribal communities to showcase and explore the art of Native people, with a focus on the Southwest.

Bring home a katsina doll from the museum souvenir shop. These intricate carved figures were given to Hopi girls, and took the form of various Katsinam, which represent different aspects of life. Elevated to an art form, these items make for truly special collecting.

Put your new art on display by clearing space. We have centrally located Phoenix storage facilities to keep your goods. 

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, New Orleans, LA

Inside the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
Via Kara K./Yelp

Unveil the mysteries and secret histories of Voodoo at this curious museum. Explore the exhibits, go on a cemetery tour, and take part in personal readings and rituals, including psychic services. See paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts on a self-guided tour, where you'll become versed in the culture and beliefs of Voodoo.

After your museum excursion, go to Voodoo Authentica to explore more and take home some handmade items, including Voodoo dolls, gris-gris bags, potion oils, candles, and ritual kits. Don't worry about space if you live in the area. We've got plenty of storage near New Orleans.

Literary adventures

Brattle Bookshop, Boston, MA

Exterior of the Brattle Book Shop in Boston, MA
Via Bruce K./Yelp

Find rare treasures at this Boston book staple. The Brattle Bookshop is an experience in itself, but you can also find them at events worth traveling for like the Boston Book Festival. This free annual gathering also holds year-round events like Boston Book Crawl and literary trivia. Expand your library and take home rare finds to add prestige to your shelves. Residents open space on their bookcases when they use one of our Boston storage locations.

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA

Peering through the book portal in The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA
Via Rachelle L./Yelp

Book lovers belong here. With tunnels made of books, beautiful color-coded shelves, and over 250,000 new and used books on two floors, the Last Bookstore is made for those who like to get lost in the stacks. The shop hosts regular events, and there's always something interesting happening. Meet your favorite authors, up-and-coming lit stars, and other avid readers. Angelenos can store all those books at one of our LA facilities.

Totes cool souvenirs

Charleston City Market, Charleston, SC

Sweetgrass Baskets outside the Charleston City Market in Charleston, SC
Via Romel A./Yelp

The most interesting way to shop a city is to focus on hyper-regional goods you can't get anywhere else. And there's an added bonus if you can use one to carry other souvenirs home in. Pick up a Sweetgrass Basket at the Charleston City Market. This 300-year-old artform with origins from Africa uses local bulrush to create a strong and beautiful woven basket you'll be proud to use and display. If you're a local and your basket collection is getting out of control, check out Charleston storage options.

Peterboro Basket Co., Peterborough, NH

Stack of Peterboro Baskets from Peterborough, NH
Via Steven B./Yelp

Speaking of baskets, you can't go on a true New England picnic without a Peterboro Basket. Grab some local apples, pick up a batch of fresh fried fish, and add some cider donuts to make yourself a quintessentially New Hampshire sampler. For an extra treat, a tray of Ava Marie handmade chocolates keeps it sweet and local. Take your goodies to Greenfield State Park, and set up near Otter Lake for the best views.

Make your own memories

Belger Arts Center, Kansas City, MO

Colorful sculptures inside the Belger Arts Center in KAnsas City, MO
Via Belger Arts Center/Yelp

Why not try something unexpected in Kansas City? Throw some clay on the wheel at one of Belger Arts Center's open classes and test your talents. Get inspired in the gallery before you make your own memento, and maybe pick out a distinctive piece to take home from the onsite shop, too. Artsy types who live in town will love all the options for storage in the Kansas City area.

Olfactory NYC, New York, NY

Colorful curated scents wall inside Olfactory NYC studio
Via Olfactory NYC/Yelp

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest memory triggers, so what better way to remember your time in NYC than by bottling some scents? Create your own signature aroma at this boutique studio. The onsite Olfactory perfumers created a range of core scents that blend with accords (accent scents) in so many different ways, every bottle is individually divine. Make a unique mix that suits you perfectly, choose your name and label, and leave town with sweet (or woodsy, or herbal…) memories trailing you home.

Seeking new adventures keeps life interesting, and the memories made may be the most important part. But sometimes the best way to keep an experience alive is a physical reminder of a wonderful vacation, a novel activity, or a cherished time. Try one of these unique places, and see what keepsakes are waiting for you.

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Lily is a writer, editor, and content strategist. Her curiosity spans genre, from travel to pop culture to food, and she writes about all that and more. She's also a social introvert, literature nerd, and (slight) hoarder. When not in pursuit of her next adventure, she's most likely at home with her wife and two cats.

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