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Beyond the Pail: 10 Ways to Add Buckets to Home Décor

Interior décor is all about creativity. Thinking outside the box, or the bucket in this case, can give your home a chic and unique look. Using distressed or antique metal pails in the kitchen, for example, gives the room a rustic feel while using bold, neon buckets in a child's room creates a fun and playful atmosphere. In both cases, these buckets and pails are a smart way to help keep everything organized, in addition to elevating the room's décor. In our latest blog post, we're here to help you think beyond the pail by presenting 10 innovative ways to use buckets in your home. These ideas will create extra storage space while coordinating with your home's interior style.

  1. Placing the buckets in the mudroom or near the entrance to your home will help you keep track of all outdoor gear regardless of the weather outside. To keep everything neat and organized, assign each family member a bucket to store hats, mittens, umbrellas, and gloves. Depending on the season, the buckets could be decorated to fit any upcoming events or holidays. Adding red, white, and blue ribbons the buckets, for example, would be a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July while keeping the family organized.bucket storage 1
    Image via HGTV
  2. Planning to head to the beach this summer? Using these tips for packing the perfect beach bag, exchange the bag for a vintage-looking pail instead. Toting this bucket around is even easier if you are renting a beach house for the summer or a weekend. For a quick and easy escape to your sandy oasis, all you'll need to do is fill it with your summer essentials, leave it near the home's entrance, and carry it to your favorite spot on the beach whenever you want.bucket storage 2Image via HGTV
  3. Buckets aren't just for the beach. With some paint, ribbon, and DIY skills, they can be re-purposed to create seasonal or holiday decorations throughout the year. During spring, replace an Easter basket with a bucket brimming with goodies like chocolate bunnies, jelly bean filled eggs, and Peeps. In December, a festive bin could be used to hold special treats for Santa and his reindeer.bucket storage 3Image via The Polkadot Giraffe

    bucket storage 3b

    Image via That’s What Che Said

  4. If you are planning an outdoor party or a simple BBQ in your backyard, a large metal or plastic bucket could double as a cooler. Fill it with ice or frozen water bottles to keep things cool while you and your friends enjoy fun in the sun.
    bucket storage 4Image via Pinterest
  5. Need more help gardening this summer? Small buckets can make great hanging planters inside or outside the home. Create an eye-catching arrangement by planting brightly colored flowers. Decorate the bucket in complementary colors for additional pops of color.bucket storage 5Image via Rustic Rediscovered
  6. Create portable art or craft stations using hooks and pails to store supplies and tools. Write the bucket's primary location such as kitchen or playroom to make sure the bucket returns to its spot once craft or playtime is over.bucket storage 6Image via Shanty 2 Chic
  7. For rustic-looking lighting, upcycling an old bucket would be a great way to create a distinctive look for any room. Polished Pebble shares how an old bucket and some spare cloth were used to create rustic looking table lamps that are the perfect accent to a desk.
    bucket storage 7Image via Polished Pebble
  8. Swap the bulky laundry baskets for a few buckets that keep socks, shirts, jeans and other garments organized instead. Label each one for a member in the family.
    bucket storage 8Image via I Heart Organizing
  9. Give a bathroom a rustic feel by replacing the sink with a large bucket instead. Complete the look using aged-wood and old lanterns as lighting.bucket storage 9Image via Houzz
  10. For a more unique look, use your DIY skills to decorate buckets with art. Use wall paper, stamps, paint, or decals to create buckets that stand out or match your home's style.
    bucket storage 10Image via Beautiful Home Designs


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