Curious About CubeSmart? Frequently Asked Questions

We’re all really excited here about the future of CubeSmart and how we hope to change the self storage industry. However, some folks out there may be a little concerned about such a huge change to our company. “What does it mean?”, you may ask. Let’s go over some frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

What immediate changes should I know about?

While we’re changing our brand over the coming months, you can continue to rely on your friendly managers at our stores and call the same phone numbers.  However, keep an eye out for the following immediate changes:

  • Starting now, any postal mail will come from CubeSmart, and any emails will come from an @cubesmart.com email address.
  • The signs on our stores will change from U-Store-It to CubeSmart over a period of several months.
  • Our website has changed to www.cubesmart.com.  To make sure there are no issues finding us online, http://www.ustoreit.com will still work but will be redirected to our new website.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

With the introduction of the new brand, we will begin introducing new services that our customers can access, including logistics services, additional moving services, organizational services, and customized storage solutions.

Over the coming months, we will be introducing new services and options to help you customize your storage space to fit your needs, find the right moving service provider, as well as better track, organize, and manage what you’re storing.  Whether you need a full-service business partner, a comprehensive moving experience or just a clean space and a friendly manager, we’re here for you.

Where are all of these new features available?

When searching on our website for a CubeSmart facility near you, you may notice “Superstore” next to the address. We’re in the process of updating all of our locations to Superstores which will offer our entire array of free services and optional premium features.

Will the U-Store-It website still work?

You can visit us online at www.cubesmart.com to find a store, rent storage space, pay your bill and all other features you’ve come to expect. The site offers all the functionality (and much more!) that was available on the http://www.ustoreit.com website. Customers who enter http://www.ustoreit.com or have a page on that site bookmarked will be redirected to the new www.cubesmart.com website. There will be transition messaging at the top of your screen to ensure you know you’ve landed on the correct website. You can also visit www.cubesmart.com/hub for a deeper explanation about our rebranding.

Will the U-Store-It toll free numbers still work?

Yes, all toll free numbers will continue to ring to our company.

Please contact your local store manager or visit our new website www.cubesmart.com to learn more today.  If there are any questions you have that aren’t answered on our website, please email us at mailto:feedback@cubesmart.com.

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