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Earth Day Upcycling: Go Green by Reusing 7 Crazy Things

It's sometimes hard to believe that our home, the Earth, only gets one day per year to be celebrated! At CubeSmart, we often like to celebrate and share ways to go green or give back to the environment. Our Plant a Tree program – which has planted 40,000 trees and counting! – is one of the ways we like to make a contribution. We also like to use our blog to inspire smart ways to reduce the amount of waste and garbage, such as upcycling plastic bottles or discovering new uses for broken objects.

Since it's Earth Day, we've curated seven extra crafty recycling projects you can do around your home that will show off your DIY skills and reduce waste. Not only will these projects get you in the Earth Day spirit, but many will also provide great new storage areas and uses of space around your home and yard. Check out these 7 awesome upcycling projects that the environmentalist in you would be proud of. Be sure to tell us your favorite in the comments section below!

  1. Need a way to brighten up your space for spring? Upcycle an old light bulb to create one of these beautiful vases with help from Free People.
    earth day upcycle 1

    Image via Free People

  2. Make a "grate" impression on your house guests this spring with these Cheese Grater Light Fixtures.
    earth day upcycle 2
    Image via Foodiggity
  3. Repurpose your old French doors by transforming them into a flattering hallway coatrack. Use the panes to
    frame pictures of your family and friends.
    earth day upcycle 3
    Image via Amazing Interior Design
  4. Add some life to the workspace and turn your old coffee maker into a miniature aquarium.
    earth day upcycle 4
    Image via Mosby Building Arts
  5. Tackle the ever rising problem of e-Waste and turn your old computer into a mailbox. Now you've literally got
    earth day upcycle 5
    Image via Bit Rebels
  6. Take a dive into these amazing above ground pools made from dumpsters!
    earth day upcycle 6a
    earth day upcycle 6b
    earth day upcycle 6c
    Images via Inhabitat
  7. Upcycle old magazines, newspapers, or even sheet music to create whimsical decorations for your home from
    a paper tree to placemats for your dining room table.
    earth day upcycle 7a
    Image via HGTV
    earth day upcycle 7b
    Image via HGTV

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