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Lawn Ornaments That Should Stay in Storage

Flowers blossoming, children playing, and families getting together for barbecues are just a few of the wonderful things happening in yards this time of year. But you might have noticed something else happening in yards too. Something that's a little cringe-worthy or maybe even a little creepy: crazy lawn ornaments are coming out of hiding.

Maybe you've spotted a few evil-eyed gnomes on your way to work or noticed a fire-breathing dragon made of concrete while walking your dog. You might think to yourself – "Why?" – but don't bother. Strange lawn ornaments just happen. If your neighbourhood or street is afflicted by these inanimate objects, do not fear. No matter how wacky they are, we'd bet they aren't as crazy as the ones featured in our list. If they are, you might want to subtly suggest a new place for these unique pieces to haunt: a CubeSmart storage unit.

    1. We wouldn't be surprised if this smirking Humpty Dumpty had another great fall…
      lawn ornaments 1
      Image via Design Toscano


    1. You'd probably prefer your neighbour to have a dog with a big bark than this piece of bark with a spooky face.
      lawn ornaments 2
      Image via SkyMall


    1. Imagine working or relaxing in your yard and suddenly you feel like someone – or something – is staring at you…
      lawn ornaments 3
      Image via Kat Dish


    1. Has the zombie apocalypse arrived?
      lawn ornaments 4
      Image via Garden Community


    1. Unless you're a Big Foot enthusiast, we'd imagine this statue would startle you every day if you saw it on your neighbor's lawn.
      lawn ornaments 5
      Image via Gardening Clan


    1. This ornament is just digging for trouble.
      lawn ornaments 6
      Image via Amazon


    1. This lawn statue gives a whole new meaning to "Green Thumb."
      lawn ornaments 7
      Image via CHJ Books


  1. According to legends, garden hobgoblins may bring good luck, but these lawn ornaments certainly won't win any awards.
    lawn ornaments 8
    Image via ATG Stores

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  • I think that some of these great looking gnomes would look wonderful when it comes to unique gardens. There is something that really just brings a person feel when there are these kind of gnomes. I would love to be able to have this in my garden. Thank you for sharing great ideas. http://www.mamasmink.com/default.asp?dept_id=30110

  • Some of this stuff is actually quite cute and while the rest should stay in storage, they wouldn’t be too out of place if they were decorations for a the Halloween season!