CubeSmart’s May 2013 Article Roundup

We like to keep our eyes open for good articles on organizing, moving, and storage. Here's a collection of 4 of the best we found in May that we thought were worth sharing with you.

Nicole Anzia of The Washington Post wrote a helpful article on getting organized, addressing one of the major themes that prevent people from finally putting clutter behind them: time management. Anzia recommends breaking your organizational chores into smaller, bite-size chunks, thus allowing you to tackle them in increments of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes of time. Not only does this approach to organization save time, it can inspire those of you who see the task as one, big, impossible wall to climb. Some of the tips included in the article include ways to get out in front of mail sorting and bill paying, minimizing the endless chore of laundry day, and even how to update your medicine cabinet.

NorthJersey.com reminds us that we don't need to spend a lot of money to put our homes in order. With some bathroom storage ideas, the website shows how any homeowner can save space and maximize available room, turning even the smallest bathrooms into clutter-free zones. By creating shelves, putting in organizational racks, and building cabinets, you can have the bathroom of your dreams without spending a fortune.

Moving soon? Michael Finney addresses the topic of finding a reputable moving company in this article from ABC in San Francisco. Working with Consumer Reports, Finney acknowledges the benefits of hiring professional movers, while warning against the folly of choosing a company at random. According to the article, the Better Business Bureau received more than 8,000 complaints against moving companies last year, enough to give anyone pause before putting their valuables in the hands of strangers. Make no mistake, hiring a moving company can save time (not to mention friendships). With these tips, however, you can ensure that your experience with a professional doesn't turn into an unpleasant one. At CubeSmart we partner only with the most trusted movers that have a proven track record of delivering good service.

Taking inventory is a necessary evil at any wholesale or retail business, but have you ever thought about taking a home inventory? Bridget A. Otto at The Oregonian advocates doing just that in her guide to getting organized and decluttered. If you've tried everything imaginable to put your belongings in order, this simple three-step process could be just the magic solution you've been looking for. Besides, once you take a careful, close look at everything you own, you may find you're able to skip that next trip to the mall, saving money while also contributing to your quest for organization. And any guide that can save us money is one we’re highly interested in.

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