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Saving Space on Bicycle Day

Ready to ride like the wind now that spring is here? We are too! Plus, today is Bicycle Day. The only hold-up about owning a bike is finding the right place to keep it. If you live in smallish apartment and don't have the option of outdoor storage,keeping your bike around can get problematic. However, with some innovative use of space and unique storage ideas – you can solve the "big bike, no space" dilemma. In honor of Bicycle Day, here are six smart ways to store your bike indoors with a limited amount of space. With these smart storage ideas, your bike will be out of your way, but accessible at all times.

1. Help your bike defy gravity with this two-bike rack by Public Bikes.
bike storage 1
Image via Public Bikes

2. Art meets style in this space-saving bike rack from Steven Tiller and Stephanie Birch. If you're looking for a simple but sleek way to store and display your bike, The Bike Valet is a great storage solution for you.
bike storage 2
Image via Blog 2 Modern

3. Display your bike and create additional storage space with this smart solution from Post Fossil. Use the bottom shelves to stow your bike gear, shoes, books- or items from your other favorite activities – to create a storage unit that represents all of your passions.
bike storage 3
Image via Post Fossil

4. Meld your love of literature and cycling together with this dual-purpose bike rack. Use the interior portion to store your favorite books and items, and the outside to store your bike.
bike storage 4
Image via Pynter.tumblr.com

5. Make a bright and bold statement in your home with this combination bike rack and entryway table. Now you can easily store your bike and all your essential items like your keys and helmet.
bike storage 5
Image via Urbanspace Interiors

6. Storing your bike on your bedroom wall can serve as a great reminder to get out and cycle every day. Plus, a bike basket could be used to store your biking or bedroom essentials when it's parked in your room.
bike storage 6
Image via Little Eco Footprints

Whichever indoor bike storage solution you choose, you'll definitely be a smarter cyclist by storing your bike up and out of your way. When the weather gets cold again, you can always store your bike in a CubeSmart cube for long-term storage

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