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Self Storage for College Students


Going to college is an exciting time, but it's also the start of having to figure out things independently without the help of parents, and that includes storing and organizing your belongings. Come summer, most students across the country are wondering what to do with all the items they've accumulated throughout the school year. Driving a truckload full of your belongings back to parents' homes and cluttering their garages is not feasible. So, what's the best solution? Yes, you guessed it right! Renting a storage unit is a convenient and cost-efficient way for students to store all of their dorm or apartment belongings.

Using a self-storage facility means you don't have to lug all of that baggage back home, and your items stay close to the campus for when you return for classes in the fall. Here's a helpful guide for students considering summer college storage. We’ll touch upon some basics of self-storage for students, including unit sizes, cost of renting, and top reasons for using self-storage.

Top Reasons College Students Need Self-Storage

There are many reasons students opt for self-storage. Here are the most common:

Save Money

Renting a moving truck to and from home during summer break can be expensive, and the extra effort and stress involved when you need to pack and haul things several miles across the country is a headache. Self-storage is a smart option for short term storage and a way to save money and avoid these hassles for college students heading back home or for those studying abroad over the summer months.

Declutter Dorm Rooms

Renting a storage unit is ideal not just for summer moving, but also for storing extras during the semester. Store off-season clothing, sports equipment, extra books, or bikes in the storage unit to make your tiny dorm room look more spacious and organized.

Find Housing After Graduation

By the time you graduate, you'll have way more luggage than you did when you first came in as a freshman. Now that you've finished your college courses and are looking to move on to the next chapter of your life, renting a storage unit is a wise decision. It will allow you more time to scout for a new apartment or a dream home without having to worry about your belongings. For those moving into an apartment with a friend or partner, keeping bulkier items in self-storage makes it easy to live with a roommate without large items crowding the space.

Keep Items in a Clean Setting

Storing your items in a friend’s garage while you’re gone for the summer may not be the best idea. Not only will you be asking for a huge favor from your pal, but in a garage dust and debris may end up damaging your belongings. A good storage solution is a storage unit that ensures your goods stay in a clean environment, so you have more peace of mind. If you’re storing especially fragile items, consider our climate-controlled storage units that’ll keep your items at an ambient temperature, helping to shield them from weather-related damage.

What Storage Unit Size Works Well for Students?

The choice of unit size depends on your storage needs. Think about how much you need to store and your budget. Most students don't really need large-sized units. A storage locker or a small 5×5 unit is ideal for storing books, clothing, and a few boxes. A 5×10 storage unit can easily hold most items for a tiny dorm. CubeSmart has a dedicated online guide that tells you more about storage unit sizes, so students can assess their needs and find a unit size that best fits their requirements.

How Much Does Summer Storage for Students Cost?

The cost of a storage unit will vary depending on the location and how long you're renting. The size of the unit and add-ons like labor assistance or insurance also play a part in the overall cost of self-storage. In terms of a general estimate, renting a small storage unit can cost anywhere from $30 to $70 a month. Contact us to find out more about our special offers and discounts that can help you get a great deal on self-storage.

The CubeSmart Advantage

We offer a wide variety of student storage units that can accommodate your belongings. Superior amenities such as drive-up units for easy loading and unloading, flexible access hours, and award-winning customer service make CubeSmart an excellent choice for students seeking affordable self-storage options. Month-to-month leases are a convenient choice for students who need greater flexibility with self-storage. Pick up packaging supplies on site to make moving and packing easy and practical. Visit us online or call today to find college storage near you.

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