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The A-Z Guide to Reusing Anything

Believe or not, but virtually anything can be reused or recycled. It doesn't matter if it's broken like the objects featured in our 12 Unexpected Things You Can Transform Your Broken Objects Into blog post or if it's an old container for storing CDs or milk. To show you the upcycling potential of everyday objects, we've got the scoop on how you can upcycle and reuse virtually anything from A to Z. Let us know which upcycling ideas are your favorites and be sure to check out more of our upcycling blog posts featured below.

A. Adult Socks
A simple sewing job can turn your adult-sized socks into a comfortable and stretchy pair of baby pants.

upcycling a-z guide a
Image via Sew for Bub

B. Briefcase
Don't bring work to bed! Let your pet sleep on it instead like this cat is in an upcycled briefcase.

upcycling a-z guide b
Image via Etsy

C. Cheese Grater
Convert your basic cheese grater into a bright and colorful earring holder.

upcycling a-z guide c
Image via The Pink Hammer

D. Drink Carrier
Keep condiments, utensils, and napkins neat and organized by upcycling a drink carrier.

upcycling a-z guide d
Image via Real Simple

E. Egg Cartons
No assembly required for this smart upcycling craft. Just add small items – jewelry, office supplies, ribbon – to an old egg carton. Voilà, instant organization!

upcycling a-z guide e
Image via Working Designs

F. Fan
Haven't been using a fan since you've installed central A/C? Don't let it go to waste! Upcycle the parts to create a few shelves!

upcycling a-z guide f
Image via Instructables

G. Golf Clubs
Did your golf game fizzle out or did you recently receive a brand new set? Either way, those golf clubs could get a second life as a coffee table.

upcycling a-z guide g
Image via Designer Golf Gifts

H. Handlebar from An Old Bike
Is your bike on its last set of wheels? Upcycle it to create an eye-catching piece of art.

upcycling a-z guide h
Image via Photo Vide

I. iMac Monitor
Still computing on one of these? If so, then you're ready for an upgrade. Use your old hardware to create an aquarium for some goldfish. While you're at it, you may want to check out more smart ways to upcycle your old tech gear.

upcycling a-z guide i
Image via Jakeharms.com

J. Jar
Light up the room by putting jars over light bulbs. You – and the room – will feel brighter instantly! For more ways to use jars, check out these mason jar upcycling projects.

upcycling a-z guide j
Image via Upcycled Treasures

K. Key plates
Add some vintage style to your home by using old key plates – and their keys – to hold everyday essentials.

upcycling a-z guide k
Image via The Inspired Room

L. Ladder
Save space and stay organized by turning an old ladder into a hanging pot holder in the kitchen.

upcycling a-z guide l
Image via Woman’s Day

M. Mousepad
No need to buy placemats or pot coasters again when you can simply upcycle an old mousepad.

upcycling a-z guide m
Image via Real Simple

N. Newspapers
If you thought newspapers were only good for reading or wrapping fragile items during a move, think again. You can use your old newspapers to keep your vegetables and other non-refrigerated items wrapped to ensure quality and odor reduction!

upcycling a-z guide n
Image via Real Simple

O. Oven Rack
Have a spare oven rack lying around? With some paint and twine, an old oven rack can be upcycled into a jewelry organizer.

upcycling a-z guide o
Image via Home and Garden

P. Plastic Straw
Extend the life of freshly-cut flowers by making sure they are well-nourished. Before placing a vase, add plastic straws to their ends.

upcycling a-z guide p
Image via Real Simple

Q. Q-tip
Cut down on clean-up time with your kids by replacing paintbrushes with Q-tips.

upcycling a-z guide q
Image via Learn with Play at Home

R. Rake
Take apart and mount that old rake of yours and use it to hold utensils instead.

upcycling a-z guide r
Image via Pinterest

S. Skis
Ready to retire your old ski equipment? Craft them into a comfy chair so you'll have a perfect place to sit back, relax, and remember all of the good times you had on the ski slopes.

upcycling a-z guide s
Image via Upcycle That

T. Turkey Baster
The life of a turkey baster can extend beyond Thanksgiving. Use it to water plants when turkey isn't on the menu.

upcycling a-z guide t
Image via Real Simple

U. Utensils
Create mind-bending magic using old utensils. Bend any old eating utensils into the shape you'd like and glue them into place for a handy way to hold anything you need.

upcycling a-z guide u
Image via Food Beast

V. Vegetable Oil
Did you know that vegetable oil can be transformed into biofuel? Earth 911 explains how and shares how you start recycling any used vegetable oil.

W. Wheel
While handlebars can be used to create an abstract art piece, your old bike wheel can be functional and fashionable. A clock work kit – available at local craft stores – can turn a wheel into a clock.

upcycling a-z guide w
Image via Not On The High Street

X. Xylophone
If your kids are too old to play with their old xylophone, invite the wind to use the pieces to create beautiful music instead.

upcycling a-z guide x
Image via Pinterest

Y. Yardstick
You'll need a hammer, nails, and dozens of yards sticks or rulers to create this inspired desk. We're sure it'll measure up to your expectations.
upcycling a-z guide y
Image via Crooked Brains

Z. Zippers
Transform a broken zipper into a stylish bracelet in a few simple steps, courtesy of Brit.co.
upcycling a-z guidez3

upcycling a-z guidez2

upcycling a-z guide z1
Images via Brit.co

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