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Throwback Thursday: Six Things from the 60s to Put in Storage

Are you feeling a little groovy today? We are. So far we've celebrated the 1990s, 1980s, and 1970s, but this Throwback Thursday we're channelling the most far out decade of them all: the Swinging 60s. To honor this era, we've put a together of some of the most iconic items from the decade of cultural movements, coups, protests, and revolutions. Keep these things in your storage unit and you'll have Flower Power for decades to come.

1. Clackers
Before the days of iPads, Playstation, and Xbox, kids in the 1960s had a gas playing with these noisy toys.

2. Love Beads
Pack these away for your next 60s style retro party.
A pile of multicolored love bead bracelets

3. Go-go Boots
These groovy boots may have gotten you through a night of dancing, but it's time to retire them to a storage unit along with your ….
A row of go go boots in pastel colors

4. Bellbottoms
A muted pair of floral bell bottom pants

5. Volkswagen Van
Painted in flowers and peace signs or just monotone, the Volkswagen van was THE vehicle of the 60s.
A pastel blue and white V W van

6. Beatles Records
Need we say more?
A stack of vinyl Beatles Albums

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  • That is interesting that you have grouped different things to store by time period.  It would seem like if someone were to look around at different things, they could probably find a fair amount of things that they would want to store.   Luckily there seem to be services out there that can help with something like that should someone needs help.