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Vertical Horizons: Taking a Top Down Approach to Storing Your Stuff

Think vertically if you're looking to sneak some extra storage space into your home or apartment. Using your walls and space vertically is a fast way to multiply and maximize space in every room and can make a small home seem larger. By exploring your vertical horizons, you can find extra room for all your daily essentials and all the things you don't use as frequently. We’ve compiled six tips to help you get started. Try implementing these smart tips to add extra storage space in your home. If you still need space to store your non-essentials, CubeSmart is always available to give you the extra storage space you'll need.

Over-the-door Shelving
Use over-the-door shelves to add more space to small areas such as bathrooms or closets, as depicted in this example from Apartment Therapy. Stay organized by only using this space to store items that you'll need in that specific room such as spare towels and toiletry. With all the space you'll saving using this trick, you'll be able to use your closets and cabinets to store items that you use more frequently.
Image via Apartment Therapy

Ceiling-to-floor Shelving
Although, bookshelves can be an amazing way to add a distinct and creative flavor to your home's décor, even the most creative looking bookshelves may not be worth all of the extra room that they'll take up in a small home or apartment. Employ ceiling to floor shelving as a smart way to store and organize everything you'll need to transform your house into a home. Store items that you'll need less frequently on the top, hard-to-reach shelves, and everyday items near the bottom. With all the extra room you'll have to spare, you could add extra seating or invest in an amazing sound system to enjoy next time you have family and friends over for a party.
Image via Fergus and Me

Floating Shelves
As a smart alternative to ceiling-to-flooring shelving, implement floating shelves as a quick way to add vertical storage space. Not only can they add a decorative element to your space, but they are a handy way to give your home extra storage space. You could even create a floating sidebar or cabinet to create even more storage space like this example from Houzz.
Image via Houzz

Stackable Cabinets
Stepping away from walls, you can also think vertically when looking to purchase your next set of cabinets or doors. Using stackable sets is a smart and easy way to add all of the extra storage space you'll need without breaking the bank. You could also add a step-ladder cabinet like this one via Interior Concerns. You can even use the lower cabinets as stepping stools to reach the higher cabinets.
Image via Interior Design Room

Vertical Gardening
If you have a green thumb or are feeling inspired to cultivate one, you could utilize your walls to make a vertical garden. Instead of cluttering your windowsills with planters and pots, use your wall space to create a lush garden for your entire family to enjoy. From small terrariums to tuck in anywhere to tiered planters, Curbly has some smart ways to build up your vertical garden. Use all that space you'll save by showcasing the fruits of your labor or to add some spring décor.

Image via Ruffled
Image via Craftberry Bush

If you're just interested in making your space appear larger or smaller, thinking vertically can help you solve your problems. By creating an optical illusion, you can make your home seem more welcoming or larger than it really is. For homes with high ceilings that seem cold or unwelcoming, paint your ceiling a darker color than your walls to create an elegant but inviting atmosphere. To make a small space seem larger, paint using light colors and add mirrors to your walls to open up the area and reflect more light.
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