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Inside Three Life Chapters of Erick Blanco Ortiz

CubeSmart custoerm Eric in Peachtree Corners GA

This is one of a series of stories we are sharing to show what's inside CubeSmart. You not only get a peek inside our customer's storage unit, but also a peek inside what is important to them. Thank you to Erick, a customer of our CubeSmart store in Peachtree Corners, for sharing his story with us.

Erick has been a CubeSmart customer for over two years. He lived down the street and rented a home when he first moved to Georgia. He was told the "hard way" that his house was no longer for rent after a visit from the new homeowners explaining that they were not in the home rental business. They said he had to go.

Erick learned that his home had been foreclosed on because the previous owner hadn't been paying the mortgage. He went to court because he had a contract and wanted to stay in his home. He was told that he had to leave almost immediately.

Since Erick didn't have very long to get his things out of his house, he found CubeSmart at the last minute and talked to the manager of the Peachtree Corners, GA location. She walked him through exactly what he needed to do, showed him the storage unit and got him set up right away. He has been here ever since. She made him feel comfortable and helped to take away some of his anxiety about his situation. He no longer had to worry about what to do with his things and could now concentrate on finding his next home.

"I always have storage. I need it. We have had some sort of storage our entire lives. My family just does this. I moved here from New York and I get that not all of my stuff can or will fit in one place. I am not an apartment living kind of person. I want a home and if that home is smaller, it's ok because I have my storage space."

CubeSmart Customer Erick opening storage unit in Peachtree Corners GA

Erick loves having direct access to his things at CubeSmart because he knows he can come in early or come in late and get everything done. He is there almost every day to check on tools, check on supplies, and taking his time means no mistakes.

"They acknowledge you immediately when you walk through the door. They treat you like family. It's amazing. We are all human. We all have issues and things that we are dealing with. But when you come here, they are professional and take care of what needs to be done. They handle business. I appreciate that a lot."

As an investigator for retailers for ORC, or organized retail crime, Erick deals with check fraud, counterfeit money, credit card, internal and external issues, and more. He has been doing this for 20+ years and at the young age of 43, he knows the next chapter of his life is coming soon.

Now, he switched what he stores in his storage unit and it's solely for his side hustle. Erick has a few side jobs where he makes extra money doing things like pressure washing houses, working inside and outside vehicles, fixing electronics and more. He calls himself a jack of all trades and, as such, needs a lot of tools.

For his final career phase (third for his storage unit), Erick has plans for a food truck empire. He has a few great recipes and is on the lookout for a truck. He loves that the food truck business is portable. "You can go where you are needed and where the business is located. You can change what you need to change. I’ve got plans and CubeSmart help makes them happen."

We'd love to hear how self storage has positively impacted your life. Share your #HumansofSelfStorage story in the comments.

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