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7 Ways to Thank Friends for Moving Help

When you’re on a student’s budget and need help moving, your friends are often the first people you go to for help. Consider yourself a lucky person if you have a few pals that will change their schedules and devote a day to help you with the ordeal of moving. After you’ve settled in, how will you show your friends how grateful you are for carrying around your heavy stuff, reducing your stress and keeping you company while you moved? A thank you card would be nice, but here are some other ways of showing your gratitude that won’t break the bank.

1. Host a “Thank You” party
If your friends that gave you moving help live near your new place, then throwing a thank you party for them is a great way to go above and beyond in showing your gratitude. Give them the option to invite other friends and it could become a great opportunity to meet other people in your new neighbourhood. Everybody wins!

2. Make your friend’s favorite dinner/dessert
If you don’t know it already, ask your friend(s) what their favorite meal or type of food is. Get inspired by a few of these delicious, super cheap recipes. For dessert, Cookies make a particularly tasty “thank you” gift and are one of the easiest foods to make. Stick to classics like chocolate chip or impress your friends with outside the box treats like Matcha Green Tea cookies or Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies. If you’re friends are healthy eaters, check out great dessert recipes for vegetarians/vegans.

3. Make a DIY gift basket of snacks and/or school supplies
Recycle small boxes and containers leftover from your move to make gift “baskets.” Make a “Study Pack” gift basket that includes items like healthy snacks, water, coffee, gum and school supplies. It could come in handy when your friend is up studying or writing a paper. Shop school supplies locally or check out Poppin.com or Fab.com for more unique and colourful desk accessories. Browse Pinterest boards (like this one) for additional DIY gift basket ideas.

4. Give a gift card
If your friend is really into music, an iTunes giftcard makes a useful gift. For book lovers, an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card makes a thoughtful present. Not sure which one they’d prefer? See if your campus bookstore offers gift cards. Any student will have a need for one of those!

5. Make an “IOU” card
Does your friend have a chore they find particularly annoying? You could make an IOU card for a future task or errand that you’ll do for them. Possible IOU card ideas:

  • Laundry
  • Doing the dishes
  • Sweeping/mopping floors
  • Walking the dog
  • Mowing the lawn


6. Wine/Beer
If you or your friends are pressed for time and you don’t have the opportunity to treat everyone to drinks after the move, browse deal sites like GroupOn, LivingSocial, or Bloomspot for future drink deals in your area and set a date for a night out. For wine lovers, check out Lot18 for great deals on top notch wine.

7. Be a “designated driver”
To make that drink deal gift even better, and smarter, offer to be the designated driver during the next big night out or even for a whole weekend. It’s a great way to be safe and save everyone money that would have been spent on cab fare. Now that’s smart!

Have you ever assisted a friend that needed help with moving? How did they thank you? Tell us in the comments.


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The CubeSmart Storage Blog is your one-stop-shop for moving and organizing help. Get motivated with our fun and helpful posts on all things moving and storage-related.

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  • When you start unloading your moving boxes from the truck, I’d say you can already start celebrating with your friends! Bring a few 6-packs in a cooler and take a well deserved break from all the heavy lifting!