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Tiny Closet Storage Hacks

Hard decisions will need to be made like what to do with that sweater you haven't worn in four years, but fashionistas will be delighted with these space maximizing hacks for clothing collections and accessories. After all you have to make room for next season’s must haves! We offered smart storage hacks for shoeholics in a previous blog post, but what about the rest of the closet? All it takes is figuring out how to creatively use the unused space that may be lurking in nooks and on walls.

First thing you need to do is "cull the herd". This is often the hardest part, but absolutely necessary. There are many tips out there on how to go through your closet and decide what is really worth keeping. The Organizing Junkie provides some motivating tips to help get you through the process resulting in a lighter closet, roomier drawers, and freedom from clutter. The following storage hacks will help you get the most space possible out of your tiny closet without doing a renovation.

    1. Don't waste hanger space or drawer space on tank tops. Install a towel holder with arms that can be positioned flush with the wall and hang the tank tops by the straps. Ties, scarves, and belts would also do well with this closet storage solution.
      Small closet storage_tank tops
    2. If your closet has a small opening and there is a nook of hidden space between your hanging clothes and the front wall of the closet, consider adding storage space with a handled shelf on wheels to fill it and easily access it.
      tiny closet storage_shelf on wheels
      Image via Smile Like you Mean It
    3. Another way to use that same dead space in a closet is to add rods to increase hanger space in the closet.
      dead space_tiny closet storage
      Image via Buzzfeed
    4. Double up hanger space by adding a second rod below the top one.
      tiny closet storage_double hanging rod

For a flexible and inexpensive solution, add a hanging rod like this one from the Container Store.
tiny closet storage_felxible double hanging rod

  1. Shelves are great, but clothes can become a jumbled mess when the sweater you want is in the middle of the pile and you have to pull it out. Inevitably the pile will get knocked over or knock over the pile next to it. Adding shelf dividers allow you to stack more items in a pile, not to mention help you keep your sanity and enjoy your organized closet longer.
    tiny closet storage_shelf dividers
    Image via Architecture Design
  2. Stack hangers with soda can pull tabs to offset hangers and save space.
    tiny closet storage_soda tab hangers
    Image via Wallpeg Store
  3. Don't forget to use the space provided on the inside of the door. Over door solutions such as hanging baskets and installing rods on the inside of the door make use of an often unused surface. Try one of these ideas:
    tiny closet storage_ over the door basketstiny closet storage_door hanging rods
    Images via Wayfair, Buzzfeed

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