6 Organization Tips to Teach Your Kids

There’s no doubt about it. Kids are messy, and while it often seems like there’s no way around it, you can plant the seeds of organization in their head without any fuss or whining. Using some easy tips, you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning or monitoring your kids’ organizational skills. Here are just a few organization tips for kids that will help save time for the more important things in life.

1. Emphasize an organizational clean-up routine

First and foremost, while storage solutions are an awesome way to keep your kids organized, there are many other ways to drill the idea into their head. Getting the in a cleaning and organizing routine is the key. Making a morning and evening checklist shows your kids just what they need to do without any arguments or gray areas. Not only does this get them ready for school in the morning, but it’s also a smoother transition to sleep in the evening.

2. Try using an at-home locker for organization

Lockers may seem like they only belong in gyms and schools, but a home locker is a cool way to organize your home and let your kids express themselves. There are a limitless number of locker styles to choose from including open, doorless lockers like a pro sports team to open and closed high school-type lockers.
The idea here is that to make the lockers work, you need to know how to organize your locker. Open lockers with a hanging rod are ideal to put out all your kids’ clothes for the week. Plus, they can put their backpack, homework, and other school supplies right where they need it. You may also want to try public school style lockers. From full-length to small cubbies, this helps your kids organize their room.
If you opt for the cubbies or full-length lockers, you may need a few locker organizations tips to keep everything running smoothly. Each of the cubbies should have labels to show what’s inside. You can make simple labels if you want, but allowing your children to decorate the locker is more fun for everyone. Not only can they make their own locker organization ideas, but you’ll take comfort by knowing they understand where everything goes.

3. Clear Out your kids clutter, regularly.

Organization tip for kids: store the unused toys in a storage unit

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As your children get older, their tastes change rapidly. Toys, games, and other things that were once the center of their universe now sit in the corner and collect dust. That’s why you need to have them clear out the clutter. Every six months to a year, have your kids clean out the stuff they don’t want. Anything with sentimental value should go in a pile, while unwanted items should go in a donation pile. Once you’ve separated these two, you can put the sentimental pieces in a storage unit, and the other things can go to kids in need.

4. Headboard storage and overhead shelving

If space is at a premium in your child’s room, you don’t always have the floorspace to place objects. Instead of shoving more furniture into the room, look at the walls and bed to provide the storage you need. Shelving allows your kids to store all their favorite items within an arm’s reach, while a headboard is easily transitioned to accommodate more shelving or even cabinetry. Regardless of what you do, you’ll have your own personal storage units right in your own home.

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Storage

Sometimes kids just have too many things, especially if they have a lot of hobbies and interests. The problem is that they don’t always want to get rid of things without a fight. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this with out of sight, out of mind self-storage. You probably have a closet, a nook, or a cranny somewhere in your kids’ room that’s perfect for this type of storage. Once you put all your stuff in this area, purchase curtains and a tension rod to hide the clutter. You can choose drapes that match the decor for flow. It’s also a perfect solution when you need to clean the kids’ room on short notice.

6. Leverage the one-in, one-out rule

While most kids would love to have every toy without parting with anything, that doesn’t work when space is limited. That’s why the “one-in, one-out rule” is a great method for keeping clutter at bay. This rule states that for every item that your kids get, they must get rid of another one. This shows them that they only have a certain amount of storage space in their room. To solidify the idea, follow the same rule for your own clothes or personal items.

Getting your kids organized is a difficult task if you don’t know where to start, but armed with these ideas, you shouldn’t have any problems turning your kids into organizational masterminds. If not, you may find yourself taking frequent trips to grandma’s house, the spa, or therapy.

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