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A Beginner's Guide to Dorm Room Storage

Standard issue dorm rooms don't offer a lot of storage space. With all that goes on in that room, it can start to feel overwhelming if there is not a place for everything. For many students, it is their first time away from home and most probably have not thought about the importance of storage space. How on earth are you supposed to clear your mind in order to soak up all the knowledge when there are stacks and piles all over the room? Dorm room storage is not unlike any other small space storage, but you have to fit a lot in what amounts to a "micro room". Our recent article provided 12 Dorm Room Organization Hacks to help keep everything organized. This guide will help you to identify space you never knew you had.


Use Vertical Surfaces in Your Dorm Room

Keep it behind closed doors. Everyone knows about over the door organizers and such, but not many think about the using the inside of cabinet doors and closet doors to store items. Use adhesive hooks from which to hang items or use removable adhesive to install storage compartments that can hold an array of items from beauty products and personal care items to study supplies and snacks. Kick it up a notch with the versatility and multi-functionality of installing a pegboard on the inside of the door.

The best part about using the inside of a door is that you can close it and all that extra storage is hidden.

Dorm Room Storage_inside door storage
Image via Better Homes and Gardens


Use Existing Dorm Room Drawer Space Intelligently

The dorm room will most likely have a couple drawers in the desk or in the armoire/closet. Being smart with that space will enable you to store more in those drawers. Drawer dividers will keep them organized and increase the usability of the space provided. An inexpensive utensil tray fits nicely inside drawers. Old rulers or yardsticks, even cardboard pieces, are a cheap way to customize the division of drawer space in a dresser.

dorm room storage_drawer dividers
Image viaHer Campus

dorm room storage_cardboard drawer dividers
Image via Design Sponge


Free Up Floor Space with Floatable Storage

Storing books, notebooks, and memorabilia on floating shelves keeps floor space, desktops and other countertops clear. It will give your room the illusion of more space. Change it up a bit by making vertical bookshelves. These would also help organize your books and notebooks by class.

dorm room storage_floating shelves
Image viaTherese Hagstedt via Flickr


Sneak Storage Solutions onto Furniture

Look for storage products that hang off of furniture in your room. Make the back of your chair, your bunk bed, your mattress, or refrigerator work as storage spaces. Hanging pocket organizers or bedside caddies that can take the place of a bed-side table store can store anything from your bedroom slippers to magazines to your laptop. All of them conveniently located to where you need them.

dorm room storage_chair pouch
Image via Aussie Pouch

dorm room storage_bedside caddy
Image viaBed Bath & Beyond


Look Under Furniture for Storage Space

Space under your bed that you used to use to hide dirty clothes when cleaning your room so you could get out of the house faster is actually a great source for extra storage space. Not to mention space under a dresser or a stationary chair. Many college students place their beds on cement blocks or other bed risers to increase space below it. Organize stored items in plastic bins, baskets, creative looking boxes or suitcases.

dorm room storage_under bed storage

What space saving dorm room storage ideas have you found to be essential to dorm room living?

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