Best Content on the Web: June 2013 Roundup

Tired of reading the same old advice from the same old sources? With our June 2013 Roundup, we shine the spotlight on some top bloggers from around the Web and listen in on their brilliant tips in the realm of moving, storage, home staging, and organization.

Want a more personal approach to moving tips? At Mya’s Musings, the titular podiatry student gives us a first-hand look at her most valuable moving strategies. A Texas transplant now finishing up her education in New York City, Mya has plenty of moving experience to share with her readership. Not content to just advise on packing and boxes, Mya delves into the importance of talking to your new neighbors upon arrival in a new city. By getting personal referrals, you can find doctors, schools, the best stores, and more, making you feel right at home as quickly as possible.

The folks at Green Cleaning Coach let us in on some expert advice as they talk to consumer health advocate Marie Stenger. On the site, you can listen to the podcast or read a transcript of the interview, which tackles some of the best things you can do to prepare for a move. While some of the tips given are common in the world of moving advice, her financial advice (keep all the receipts!) is worth a look.

Do you go to bed at night already stressing about the hectic morning that awaits when your alarm clock goes off? Self-styled “mompreneur” Anjali Varma talks to organization professional Rachel Strisik about the tips and techniques that can turn your hectic mornings into something a bit more manageable. Strisik’s tips include creating a family calendar that outlines everyone’s schedule for the week, a small step towards avoiding those confusing times when you’ve accidentally booked yourself to be in two places at once.

Melissa Northway at Dandelion Moms has some fun tips on getting both your home and life organized. With cute ideas for your pantry, your kid’s rooms, and your family photos, Northway brings a much-needed sense of whimsy to the subject of home organization. If you like browsing sites such as Pinterest for interesting home decoration ideas, you might find something that strikes your fancy in this short article.

Every mom is looking for ways to get their kids away from the pull of video games and television. At An Inviting Home, Sarah gives us a blueprint towards creating and organizing a craft space for kids, giving them the workplace and motivation to exercise their own creativity. Since any space for kids can go south in a hurry without some organizational techniques in place, Sarah’s practical, specific advice is the perfect remedy for the inevitable mess.

Over at Candy’s Dirt, real estate blogger Joanna England talks to professional home stager Karen Eubank to get an insider’s perspective on common problem areas she sees when staging homes for sale. Eubank elaborates at length on the topic, dispensing advice that should come in handy for anyone who wants to sell their home. The three main problems she comes across? Clutter, dirt, and dim lighting.

Laura LaVoie at Tiny House Talk lets her readers in on the storage secrets that make living in a 120 square foot home possible. Even if you have no intention of downsizing to a home that small, the tips LaVoie shares in this article can as useful for an apartment dweller as they are for a recluse living in a mansion. With a healthy dollop of both photographs and humor, this is a blog you should follow if you are interested in making the most of a small space.

Wrapping up this month’s Roundup, House on the Way blogger Leslie Stewart takes us through some of the most interesting storage solutions she’s found surfing the Web. While her finds are practical, they also offer fun, decorative choices that can brighten up a room while simultaneously getting rid of the clutter. If you like the idea of putting some storage solutions into your home but aren’t crazy about ugly crates lining your walls, the solutions she’s found may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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