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Mudroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

A mudroom is often the welcome point of your home. It is a small space you and guests enter before accessing the rest of the house. It is an area for putting shoes when you walk in the door as well as storing coats, umbrellas, and hats. This small space might not seem like much, but there are plenty of ways to take advantage of that space. There are many ways to create a mudroom, all of which offer a different style and look. The smaller the available space, the more creative you need to be. Mix and match some of these mudroom design ideas to create something that works best for your home.

Mudroom Seating and Storage


A mudroom is typically very small. Whether it is located by the front door or the back door, there usually is not much space to work with. You’ll be putting shoes on and taking off coats, so it is smart to have a place to sit. A small corner chair or the two-in-one bench is a must. Everything that goes into creating this room or space needs to have a purpose. Seating and storage at the same time are very effective. A storage bench or storage baskets located beneath a chair effectively uses all the possible space.



Hooks are your friend when there is not much space. A coat tree takes up valuable space and often gets in the way. Instead, hooks can be placed on the wall without eating up floor space while serving as a coat rack, holding points for purses and anything else that is best stored being hung. Best of all, hooks are inexpensive and come in dozens of design looks.

Mudroom Wall Storage


Floor space is at a premium and you want to keep it clear so that foot traffic can move in and out. It's time to think vertical. Shelving units installed directly onto the wall offer storage as well as a beautiful mantle look.

Brighten Up the Mudroom

Image via Four Generations One Roof

The mud room is the first room from the outside and this should be reflected. The colors should be warm and bright but to help the area appear more spacious. If the benches and storage have a cottage look, go with a cottage cream color – a beautiful look if there is a window in the room. A very light blue/green (think a light Tiffany’s blue) looks beautiful in this kind of room with a white accent as well.

Shelving in the Coat Closet

Image via BHG

Should you have the luxury of a small closet in your mudroom, or in the vicinity of the mudroom, be sure to get the most out of it. Don’t just use it as a coat closet. Install hooks onto the back of the door and some shelving at the top and bottom of the closet. Doing this drastically increases your storage while keeping everything neat and organized. Another option is to create a mudroom out of that closet.

A Kids Room Mudroom

The smaller space is great for giving children space to work. Consider painting the wall with a chalkboard surface so they can write on the wall. The small seating space is perfect and with cupboards under the surface they can store their toys and goodies.

Create Zoning in the Mudroom

Do you have a family? Create a storage zone for each child. The wall storage units can be separated with slight dividers. Children will know exactly where all of their items are at all times.

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