Oscar’s Red Carpet Tips for Rug Storage

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Use of the red carpet at Hollywood events, or in the entertainment industry as a whole, can be attributed to the famous Sid Grauman when he rolled out a red carpet for the premiere of Robin Hood in 1922 at his Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. We are in the thick of awards season and celebrities and guests are still guided by the regal rug from the car to the entrance of the hosting theater. It is a tradition.

Keeping the 500-foot red carpet in shape for roll out at the Dolby Theater for the Academy Awards is no small task. Properly storing the carpet plays a big role in keeping it awards show ready. If you've made an investment in purchasing a rug and need to put it in storage, these "red carpet" tips will help keep your rug looking great after long-term storage.

Clean the Rug

Rugs should be completely cleaned, insect repelled and then rolled for long-term storage. Having it professionally cleaned ensures that all dirt, crumbs, and debris are removed as well as proper rinsing of soapy residue. Professional rug cleaners can also apply an insect repellant appropriate for the rug type. Rugs improperly stored for years could become a snack for bugs that, unbeknownst to the owners, hitched a ride to the storage unit. That would be quite a feast, especially being undisturbed for long periods of time.

Roll and Wrap in Tyvek Paper

Rolling the rug is the best way to store a rug because it causes the least amount of stress on the fibers when compared to folding it. "Pet" your rug to determine when you are going with the nap, and against the nap. When you run your hand with the nap, it will take you to the tassels of the bottom of the rug (where the weaver began weaving your rug). Roll from this end. Wool and cotton rugs should be rolled with the pile side inside. Silk rugs should be rolled with the pile side outside because these fibers have less give than wool and cotton.

Wrap the rug in Tyvek paper. It is moisture resistant, imperative for storage of wool rugs due to wool's high moisture content, and tear resistant. Keep wool rugs away from plastic as wrapping them in plastic could cause a potential mildew problem. If you have ever stored your wool rugs in plastic before, you may have noticed a musty or moldy smell. That is because the lack of airflow has caused the fibers to "sweat" in a storage area with fluctuating temperatures and the plastic trapped the resulting moisture build up. For that reason, climate-controlled storage is a good idea.


Avoid storing your rugs directly on the floor, particularly on concrete as moisture can seep into the fibers. Keeping the rug elevated also keeps heavy items from being placed on top, which could damage the structure of the fibers. Using a table or shelf already in a storage unit is a good way to keep rugs off the floor and safe.


It is a good idea to inspect the rug at least once a year in long-term storage. Elevating it can help that process as you look for signs of insect damage or moisture damage.

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  • I’ve got some friends who’ll be wishing that they saw this article before trying to store their carpets in storage! They didn’t take note of the humiidty of the room they stored in and ended up paying a bomb in restoring them and getting them cleaned when they realised there was mildew and mould starting to grow!

  • Rolling the carpet in Tyvek Paper seems like a super efficient strategy.  Isn’t Tyvek the material that home’s interior walls are wrapped in?  The only thing about wrapping my rug that I don’t know is, where to get the Tyvek stuff. 

  • Interesting read on the history and upkeep of the red carpet!  I never realized so much care went towards it.  There seems to be a lot that goes into rug cleaning.  I should start taking better care of mine.

  • I had no idea that there was a way to properly store a carpet. That really seems like something that will be a great option for those who are very into having carpets all around their house. It also can be hard being able to have a carpet stored for a while. Thank you for sharing.

  • That is one long rug you have there. Honestly, I don’t know how they keep it so clean and have it looking so fresh almost every night. Is there someone that cleans it every other day, or how does it work. Because I can barely keep my 4 foot by 4 foot rug clean for more than a couple days. http://www.jetcarpetcleaning.com.au/index.php?id=2

  • I wasn’t aware that some carpets required insect repellant to be put in them depending on their use.   The last thing that someone would probably want is for insects to cause problems with their floors.   It makes me wonder if something like this could also be useful in a home, depending on the situation. http://www.astepabovecarpetcleaning.com

  • Thank you so much for the tips on how to store my rugs effectively. I really like the tip to clean the rug before you store it. Another thing that I really like that I didn’t know that you could do is to have your carpet sprayed with with insect repellent. When I have my carpet cleaned, I will have to have to spray it with insect repellent afterwards. 

  • This was just the information I was looking for about rug storage. My husband and I just bought a large, nice rug to put in our living room. We are going to be traveling for the next few months and want to know how to store it properly. The tip about getting it professionally cleaned when it starts getting dirty seems like a good idea. Will any cleaning service work for that?
    Emily Smith

  • Thanks for sharing this process with us! I am getting ready to store a few older rugs and I have been wondering how to make sure that they don’t get damaged. It’s good to know that there are some basic things that you can use to treat your rugs in order to get everything in order before putting them into storage. Great article!

  • I especially liked that they clean the rug before putting in storage. We should all do that before storing something like a rug. If you don’t, it can become quite smelly and stained by the next time that you use it. Trust me, that isn’t something you want happening with your rug. Just keep that in mind when you are storing things. http://www.storitestorageak.com/self-storage

  • I need to get a storage unit soon.  Lauren, I really like that idea  of cleaning your stuff before putting it into storage.  There is no telling when the next time you’ll be able actually get into your unit.  For that reason, you have to keep things clean or you could ruin everything in the storage unit. http://www.statewideselfstorage.com

  • I definitely agree that it is very important to get your rugs cleaned before storage. I have been wondering what the best way to get them professionally cleaned are, though. Do most professionals have the same way they clean rugs or are there different ways that you can get your rug cleaned that are better than others? <a href=’http://www.finaltouchcarpet.ca/carpet_cleaning.html’ > http://www.finaltouchcarpet.ca/carpet_cleaning.html</a&gt;