Seasonal And Other Temporary Storage Tips

As a new homeowner, take advantage of household storage solutions to help you get and stay organized. If you’re in need of extra square footage for a short period of time following your move, or a convenient extension of your current home, storage is an ideal solution. Self-storage doesn’t just offer solutions for storing standard items, but can also be a cost effective way of storing recreational vehicles, boats or vehicles in general.

Seasonal Items

Belongings such as clothing, coats, boots, sports equipment and seasonal decorations are bulky and take up a lot of space when not in use. Take advantage of storage facilities to store these items during the off-season. Also, you may choose to use storage to keep your outdoor furniture out of the winter elements or, conversely, house your snow related items during the warmer months.

Commonly Accessed Items

Self-storage facilities often provide flexible access to your stored items, making them an excellent choice. If you need space to keep items like bicycles, golf clubs or ski equipment, look for a storage facility that has convenient gate and office hours to make it easy for you to access your items — allowing you to come and go as you please, and add and remove items when you’re ready.

Climate Controlled Spaces

Extreme hot or cold environments can create problems for electronics, photographs, videotapes, comic books and furniture. Climate-controlled storage space comes in all sizes, providing you the flexibility to store large and small items that are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature.

Renovation Storage

Storage is an excellent solution to help during the transition time while you create your dream home through renovations. Plan to store furniture to keep it out of the way while renovating and electronics to keep them from getting damaged or dusty during home improvements. Keep materials and appliances out of the way until the work is done.

Car Storage

Whether you are looking for long-term car storage or short-term car storage, you need a facility that you can trust, as well as a location that offers convenient access and features that help to reduce any worry of storage. If you don’t have fixed covered car storage at home, consider a self-storage facility to provide the extra space you need.

RV and Boat Storage

Owning large recreational vehicles is fun, but finding a way to store them may not be. The convenience that self storage offers can be a great solution to many of the common problems that boat and RV owners face, which include:
Limited space in a driveway or yard to park the vehicle
Homeowner association, apartment leasing and municipal parking restrictions

Benefits include:

Convenience – Renting space close to a favorite waterway or major highway means less time and fuel spent getting to and from your destination.
Features – Most storage facilities use a combination of keypad entry systems, video cameras, fencing and on-duty management personnel.
Extra room – Self storage allows you to store not just your boat or RV, but all the equipment that goes along with them. Having this additional space makes it easier to stay organized and keeps your home, garage and shed clutter-free.
Protection from the elements – Large vehicles can be stored in open air spaces, covered outdoor spaces or drive-up garages with high ceilings (depending on what the facility has available), giving you the option of choosing how much exposure your vehicle will have to the elements.

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