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Sneaky Bathroom Storage Tricks

Whether you are moving into an apartment for a few months or moving into a house for the foreseeable future, storage is always at a premium. A small bathroom or bathroom built without much storage space is challenging. Without enough storage, the room can become a disorganized mess as well as become difficult to keep clean. But, fear not! Here are some sneaky storage tricks to help keep toiletries and personal care items organized and in their place.

Counter Top Bathroom Storage

Counter space is very valuable in the bathroom and can quickly become cluttered with items used on a daily basis. You don't realize how valuable counter space in the bathroom is until you find yourself having to live without it. We're talking about you, pedestal sink survivors. Try some of these solutions to keep counter space organized.

  • A simple lazy susan can make all the difference in a cabinet under the sink as well as for counter top storage. This double decker lazy susan from By Stephanie Lynn is attractive and helps to curb the sprawl of products on your bathroom counter.
    Image via By Stephanie Lynn
  • If there is not enough counter space, installing a ledge or storage compartments above the sink and below the mirror
    shelving-bathroom-storage storage-caddy-above-sink-bathroom-storage
    Images via DIY Network and The Polo House

If you have a pedestal sink in your bathroom, you are definitely storage-challenged. Here are some storage ideas that will help you survive without a counter top:

  • Holster heated hair appliances or hold hair brushes and accessories.
    Image via The Container Store
  • Add standing shelves to surround the base of the pedestal sink.
    Image via Bed Bath & Beyond

Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Keeping the cabinets organized will make sure all that valuable space under the sink or in other storage compartments is used to the max. Try some of these clever storage tricks to keep bathroom cabinets organized.

  • Installing hooks inside the cabinet to hang hair accessories, such as headbands, and jewelry keeps these items from taking up valuable floor space in the cabinet. It also keeps jewelry from becoming a tangled mess.
    Image via Lowes
  • Negotiating with plumbing pipes for storage space under the sink can put a kink in your organization plans. Shower caddies store and organize items around the pipes and actually create space for a basket to hold larger items such as a hair dryer.
    Image via Pretty Organized
  • Pull out drawers help to access the inner depths of cabinets while keeping personal care items and cleaning products organized.
    beauty-product-organization-bathroom-storage pull-out-drawers-bathroom storage
    Images via Real Simple and I Heart Organizing
  • If you have squeezed every possible inch of space from the cabinet, consider using the exterior of the cabinet. Install a basket or a file box on the side to store hair appliances.
    Image via Dream Green DIY

Bathroom Shelving

Create storage where there once was not any by installing shelves. Use the vertical space on a free wall or nook to increase bathroom storage.

  • Stacked shelves look great and are functional for bathroom storage.
    Stacked Shelves-bathroom-storage
    Image via Craftsman Drive
  • Hanging baskets are an alternative to typical shelving that not only serves as storage but also as d├ęcor.
    Image via Our Fifth House

Additional Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms have to store so much, but what if you don’t have room for shelving, cabinets and little counter space? Here are some small bathroom storage tricks to help you organize your bathroom.

  • Hang extra rolls of toilet paper from the toilet paper dispenser with a decorative holder. It takes up almost no space and can fit in small spaces and hangs down on a part of the wall that will not be used anyway.
    Image via Make It & Love It
  • Designed by Dawn Nicole ingeniously installed an extra shower curtain rod on the opposite side of the shower opening and added s-hooks for better bathroom storage in the shower. This idea is particularly helpful if you have several people using the same bathroom.
    Image via Designed by Dawn
  • Adding a utensil tray to a drawer to keep toothbrushes, hair brushes, and other necessities separated and organized is a great idea for a bathroom that serves multiple people.
    Image via Activity Mom

There are temporary and permanent bathroom storage solutions to the rescue. If you have a bathroom storage solution that has helped you in your home, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

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