Storage Guide for Newlyweds

When you’re a newlywed, making space for your wedding gifts can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to combine all your stuff into one household. Before you get discouraged or overwhelmed, consider these wedding gift storage ideas to help you both start your new life together clutter-free.

Communication is Key

When discussing how to organize your wedding gifts, communication is essential. While you may not see a reason to keep two coffee grinders, maybe your spouse would like to reserve one for nuts or spices. Assuming that all extra items need to be tossed out is a bad way to start the process, so don’t try organizing your stuff without your significant other present.

If you’ve been given a duplicate of an item you already have, you’ll both need to assess the existing item’s condition, functionality, quality, and size to determine if it’s worth getting rid of in favor of the new item. In some cases, an older item is sentimental and therefore more valuable than the new gift, and that’s perfectly acceptable, although you will need to determine where to store the wedding gifts.

Temporarily Make Room in Your Closet or Garage

When you’re faced with where to store your wedding gifts until you move to a new house or apartment, an easy solution is to store items in your home. If you have a walk-in closet, garage, or basement, reserving a wedding gift storage space should be easy enough. It may just take a little planning.¬†Philadelphia-based wedding photographer Heather Di Piazza suggests a clever way to store gifts is to use the boxes to make ‘faux’niture. “Throw a tablecloth over top and voila, you have an end table!”

For couples who have already moved in together, you’ve probably already gone through your stuff and reduced your clutter. If you haven’t, though, now is the time to get rid of old junk you no longer need so you can either make room for those wedding gifts or look into storage for wedding gifts.

If you won’t be moving in together until after the wedding, ask if your parents can accommodate the gifts in their home or garage until you get settled.

Don’t Be Afraid to Combine Styles

Many newlyweds have different tastes and design styles, so your belongings may not go together as effortlessly as you’d like. When you’re trying to figure out how to organize wedding gifts, you may be tempted to store or return items that don’t match your own design aesthetics, but this is doing your spouse a disservice.

Getting married is about uniting two different people, and combining your different tastes results in a cozier home for you both.

Get Rid of Extras

Combining two people’s things inevitably results in having more appliances, televisions, sofas, and can openers than you need. Especially when friends and family shower you with even more gifts from your wedding registry, you could end up with multiple versions of the same item. When you’re wondering how to organize wedding gifts in a small space, this can present a challenge.

While nobody wants to return a thoughtful gift, it’s sometimes necessary, and most people understand that, so don’t be afraid to ask for gift receipts if you’ve received multiples. If returning a gift isn’t an option, you can always sell the extra items or give them away to a charitable organization.

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Renting a self-storage unit is also a good idea if your new place is too small to hold all your stuff. In some instances, you may want to store an item just in case the one you’re using at home breaks down. You may also want to keep items that won’t fit in your place now but can easily be accommodated when you move to a bigger place.

Get Organized

If you decide to rent a storage unit for wedding gifts, it’s important to keep everything organized. While it’s tempting to throw everything in the unit willy-nilly, this only creates issues when you need to collect an item on down the road. You could also end up damaging an item if you’re not careful about how it’s packed.

Using plastic totes is a good way to protect items, whether or not you’re renting a climate-controlled unit. When it comes to wedding gift storage, make a list of every item in each tote and label it on the outside so you can easily locate items in the future. A good way to do this is to assign each tote and its corresponding list a number. That way you can keep the list with you at home and cross-reference the tote number when you need to collect something. You’ll also want to group like items together and keep as many gifts in their original boxes as possible.

Taking inventory and organizing each item in your newlywed storage facility may be time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort.

Between the bridal showers, wedding reception, and housewarming parties, storage for newlyweds is essential. If you’ve found yourself swamped with wedding gifts, getting organized and making a plan for storing your stuff will help you both avoid extra stress and clutter.

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