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8 Important Tips for Moving to Southwest Houston

Southwest Houston is an affordable area of sunny, vibrant Houston, Texas. If you’re planning a move to this area, there are a few things you should know. Check out our tips for moving to Houston's Southwest neighborhood, including the climate, transportation, and storage options to consider before you make the big change.

Live Seasonally and Store Your Boat

Relocating to Galveston
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If you want to live in Galveston seasonally, but don’t want to deal with an uptick of tourists during certain times of the year, or are interested in being in a big city for part of your year, living in Southwest Houston is a great option. They’re a bit less than an hour away from each other, so you won’t be too far from either of your living places. Galveston is great if you have a boat and are interested in sailing or yachting.

For the part of the year when you’re in Southwest Houston, put your boat in storage instead of paying expensive marina fees. Plus, boat storage takes care of your gear and your trailer as well, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Relocating to Houston from Up North? Donate Your Cold Weather Gear

Houston boasts a balmy, sunny climate that rarely goes below 45 degrees, even in the middle of cold January nights. People moving from northern cities, who are accustomed to bundling up to protect from snow, sleet, and sub-zero weather, are going to have lots of extra winter clothes that aren’t necessary in Houston.

If you’re in Southwest Houston to stay, you’ll only need to keep a few of those cold-weather items for when you visit your friends up north. Otherwise, get rid of the bulky gear and save some space by donating your unneeded items. In the stress of moving, you might not find time to take your stuff to Goodwill. Drop it off for charity at the same convenient place where you arrange your other storage needs, so you don’t have to make multiple trips hauling belongings to different locations.

Explore Rice Village

This shopping district originated in the 1930s and has grown into a retail mecca with over 300 shops and restaurants. When you’re ready to explore your new city, Rice Village is a cool place to start. It’s very near Rice University and encompasses sixteen blocks for you to explore. Foodies will love the restaurant variation, where you can get anything from fine dining to crawfish. Folks looking for nightlife will find a host of bars and clubs to check out.

Families with Kids Should Look at the Meyerland Area

Meyerland is a community in Southwest Houston. It has a shopping plaza and a number of beautiful mid-century modern homes decorating the tree-lined streets. The Meyerland Community Improvement Association works to keep the community clean and safe, making it a great place for families with kids who are moving to the area. The association even creates safety plans specific to schools in teh area.

Parents will also be interested in Meyerland’s fine arts magnet schools. Middle school kids in the Houston Independent School District attending Johnston Middle School often win awards for their art and can audition for the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Temporary Storage Is Great for College Students

Southwest Houston is home to Houston Baptist University and Rice University, with branches of the Houston Community College system in the area as well, so you might find yourself moving to the area to go to school. Moving for college can be somewhat hectic, whether you’re going to live in a dorm or an apartment off-campus. College students don’t generally have a lot of space, and trying to fit extra clothes, books, and even furniture inside a small room can cause both clutter and stress.

College students are often only in a location for nine months of the year, so throwing away or donating extra items isn’t always a good option, because you never know what you might need later. Leaving things hanging out in parents’ garages and basements isn't always your best (or most practical) option, either. Storage is a more convenient option for students who need a bit of extra space. It can be more expensive to replace items like quality furniture than to store them, and some things, like childhood memorabilia, are irreplaceable.

Young Professionals Should Check Out Uptown Houston

Uptown Houston is a thriving, up-and-coming area with lots of great shopping and dining. It’s a central location on the edge of Southwest Houston near many of Houston’s biggest businesses. If you’re moving for your job or looking for a career change, Uptown Houston is a great area to consider. It’s also near the airport and centrally located within the city, making it easy if you need to travel locally or nationally.

Uptown Houston is also a good area to think about if you’re bringing your small business with you when you move. Ample buildings offer lots of office space for rent, and the urban area is key for building up a client base in a new area.

Consolidate Your Vehicles When Moving from a Rural Area

Families who move from rural areas are often accustomed to needing two vehicles. When you move to an urban area like Houston, you might find that you can walk almost everywhere you need to go, especially if you live somewhere like Uptown Houston where your work, home, and favorite evening locations may be very close together. Plus, people used to driving country roads for miles without passing another car might get irritated by the stop-and-go city traffic.

If you have an extra vehicle you’re not ready to sell yet, put it in car storage until you’re sure you won’t need it any longer. Selling a car is a big decision, and you don’t want to worry about trying to store your car in street-side parking if your new apartment comes with only one parking space.

For Public Transportation, Ride the METRORail

Once you’ve settled in, get to know the public transportation, especially if you’re storing one of your cars. Houston isn’t known for its public transportation, and the city is very spread out. However, that doesn’t mean Houston is completely without public transportation, and if you know your options, you can get around without spending a whole lot on gas. Houston has a great light rail system, and its Red Line goes from north to south and stops in many major neighborhoods. There is a bus system as well, with local services all over the city.

Houston also offers a Park and Ride service, which means if you need to commute from a suburb of Southwest Houston to the north part of the city, or simply don’t want to deal with your car in city traffic, you can park your car at one of several locations and hop on public transportation from that same location. It saves you the hassle of trying to find parking and getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

Southwest Houston offers great neighborhoods and amenities for families, young professionals, and seasonal inhabitants. Follow our moving tips and you can make the process as stress-free as possible, giving you more time to get to know your new area, where you can’t beat the Texas sunshine or the southern hospitality.

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