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NYC Boroughs: Moving to the Bronx

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Split into two sections by the Bronx River, the source of this bustling borough’s name is no mystery. If you’re moving to the Bronx, you have a lot to look forward to. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. While people outside of New York tend to think of The Bronx and other boroughs as neighborhoods, they are very large. If the boroughs were cities, the Bronx would be the eighth-largest city in the country.

While planning your big move, get familiar with the layout, culture, and entertainment options of the Bronx.

City Overview

As a whole, New York City is known for its walkability, and that is true in the Bronx as well. It rates high on walkability scales because people can easily complete daily errands and get to work without a car. People in the Bronx enjoy NYC’s well-developed public transit system, which makes it easy to get anywhere in the city as long as you have a map or the MTA transit app. For many, owning a car in the Bronx is not a priority. Parking comes at a premium in New York City, and those who own cars have to spend a substantial amount of money on parking fees for a spot.

The Bronx is home to some of the most popular attractions in New York City like the infamous Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and the New York Botanical Garden.

Real Estate Outlook

If you have been planning on moving to the Bronx for some time, you’re likely familiar with the area’s high cost of living and highly competitive real estate market. Space is at a premium everywhere in New York City, and the same goes for the Bronx. The Grand Concourse is one of the most in-demand areas in the Bronx, since it offers fast access to Manhattan and views of some of the city’s most impressive sites.

Much depends on whether you’re interested in a condo or a single-family home. Single-family homes are hard to come by, and they often sell shortly after hitting the market. When they are available, they generally cost upwards of $500,000. Prices for condos and townhomes vary widely, depending on which neighborhood you are looking at. While there are options below $200,000 for two-bedroom or three-bedroom condos, there are many more options on the higher end of the scale.

Another consideration while exploring the Bronx real estate is parking. Parking is among the most valuable amenities in NYC, and few homes come with assigned parking. Renters and homeowners alike often have to rely on on-street parking or rent a parking space in a nearby garage. If you absolutely need assigned parking, look into homes that are near parking garages.

If renting is a better option for you than buying, the Bronx is a good place to be. The average monthly rent in this borough is just over $1700, which is considerably lower than in New York City as a whole.

Bronx Communities

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To start, the Bronx is generally divided into two parts. West Bronx covers all neighborhoods west of the Bronx River, and East Bronx covers all of the neighborhoods east of the Bronx River. From there, the borough is divided into dozens of neighborhoods. This is good news for people who are moving to the Bronx, since you have the opportunity to dig into these neighborhoods and find a place where you will feel welcome. Whether you opt for the colorful and vibrant layout of Little Italy or the evolving residential area of Mott Haven, there’s a Bronx neighborhood for you.

Hunts Point

Known for its high safety ratings and diverse makeup, Hunts Point is an example of how NYC mixes commercial-use buildings and residential buildings in the same space. Much of Hunts Point is dedicated to industrial and commercial buildings. Those who live in this area can choose from an array of townhouses, apartments, and brownstones.

Bedford Park

If you’re interested in living in an area with lots of green space, turn to Bedford Park. Tucked away into northwestern Bronx, this community is defined by its upscale Victorian homes and large apartment buildings. Like many other parts of the Bronx, Bedford Park is extremely diverse and feels like a tight-knit community.

Throgs Neck

Bordering the East River, Throgs Neck is a stunning peninsula that combines the best of the big city with the appeal of the suburbs. Since this is a quiet area of the Bronx, it’s not in high demand among the area’s college students and those who come to NYC for the nightlife. However, it’s a popular option for young professionals and growing families. Though falling in the southern part of the Bronx, it’s separate from the part of the borough commonly referred to as South Bronx.


Perhaps one of the most sought after neighborhoods, Riverdale is in one of the northernmost parts of the Bronx and is known for being extremely safe. As an added bonus, it offers an easy commute for those working in the heart of NYC. It’s just half an hour to Manhattan by subway.

No matter what neighborhood you prefer, call or stop by a nearby Cubesmart location and let us help make your move a smooth one.

Things to Do

Deciding what to do in the Bronx isn’t hard; it’s more difficult to decide which activities and attractions to leave for another day. Yankee Stadium is a must-see, and its massive stadium pays homage to the city’s beloved team. A short drive away in Riverdale sits Wave Hill. This is a public garden with sprawling floral landscapes and unmatched views of the Hudson River.

If you’re exploring Bronx with little ones, the Bronx Zoo should be at the top of your list. In addition to the manatees, tigers, Komodo dragons, and other animals that call the zoo home, you can take a simulated dinosaur safari and see how these amazing creatures really lived. It’s easy to spend an entire day at the zoo and still not see most of its attractions.

Family attractions in the Bronx include Orchard Beach, which serves up sun, swimming, and family memories. City Island, which sits near Pelham Bay Park, is the perfect place for a day trip. There’s a museum where kids can row boats and explore City Island’s past, plenty of fresh air, and restaurants that highlight the area’s fresh seafood. It regularly hosts holiday events that give families a taste of countryside New England without ever having to leave the Bronx.

Dining isn’t just a way to eat in NYC, it’s an experience. The Bronx is full of restaurants featuring hundreds of cuisine options. For the area’s best Italian food, check out any of the restaurants in Little Italy. Get a taste of Ghana at Ebe Ye Yie, an unconventional restaurant where you don’t order from a menu. You point at their daily offerings to choose your meal.

When you want to unwind with a drink, there are lots of fun bars to check out in the Bronx. Bronx Alehouse is essentially a craft beer headquarters, and with dozens of beer options, you’ll have a hard time choosing a new favorite. Gun Hill Brewing Company is another place to visit, offering 30 different ales and stouts.

Reasons to Move to the Bronx

Perhaps one of the top reasons people choose to move to the Bronx is its affordability. When you put it up against the other boroughs, it has a much lower cost of living and more affordable real estate options. Several subway and transit lines serve this region, so it’s easy to get to work anywhere in the NYC area.

While many Bronx residents commute to Manhattan or other parts of New York for work, employment options within the borough itself aren’t to be overlooked. Some of the largest industries in the Bronx include retail, hospitality, and health care.

Schools in the Bronx are diverse, allowing families the freedom to find the educational option that best fits their needs. While many choose to go with the city’s strong public school system, the Bronx is also home to charter schools, college prep academies, and schools for the arts.

For many who are moving to the Bronx, storage is their biggest concern. Living in a bustling metropolitan area means giving up some amenities, such as parking and tons of storage space. Luckily for those who live in the Bronx, there are many short-term and long-term storage solutions that help you get a little more out of your square footage.

Several CubeSmart self-storage facilities are near the New York Botanical Gardens and Yankee Stadium, providing storage solutions to neighborhoods like Mount Hope, Claremont Village, High Bridge, and Morris Heights.

Moving north, there are several more storage facilities that help northern Bronx residents fully utilize their space. People in Wakefield, Williamsbridge, Norwood, and other neighborhoods can choose from a variety of storage units.

Whether you need short-term storage while you figure out how much space you’ll have in your new Bronx home or long-term storage for all of your out-of-season items, CubeSmart has storage options for your needs.

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