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Find Long Term Storage Near Me

Looking for long-term storage solutions? Check out some of the most common questions below. Then discover the best long-term storage for all your needs, when you give us a call at 1-844-655-1427 or visit your nearest location.

What is long-term storage? 

Long-term self storage typically means periods of several months or more. It’s especially useful for people who may be moving, but haven’t found permanent housing yet. If you’re going through a life event like downsizing or dealing with a family member’s possessions, long-term storage can give you the time you need to get everything in order. And if you have a growing family or simply don’t have enough space, you can use long-term storage units for sports equipment, hobby supplies, and more.

How much does long-term storage cost?     

The cost of long-term storage will vary based on your location, the size you need, and the length of time you’ll need it for. CubeSmart offers cheap long-term storage units on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t pay for a lease that’s longer than you need. CubeSmart has other ways to help keep your long-term storage cost down, too, like up to 15% off and 1 month free and a referral program.

What is the best long-term storage solution?

Your long-term storage plan will differ depending on your situation. Long-term climate-controlled storage is a popular option for just about anything you’re storing, and CubeSmart has hundreds of these facilities across the country. Plus, there are a few things you’ll always need. Clean storage units are a must, as well as 24-hour video recording and premises that are well-maintained. CubeSmart is an industry leader because we have all that, and more.