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4 Ingenious Tips for Small Apartment Organization

Moving to one of America’s fastest growing cities? While there are countless perks to city life, one downside is often a small living space. If you live in a small urban dwelling like a studio, fitting in all your stuff and finding storage space can get difficult. Of course, putting some of your things in self storage is always an option. But to make your cozy apartment livable, you’ll need to become skilled in small space organization. Here are four quick and ingenious tips for saving precious space and freeing up more room in small apartments.

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture
Furnish your apartment with pieces that have more than one function. A couch with a pull-out bed is an obvious example. Other examples include an ottomans or benches with accessible storage compartments (Bed Bath & Beyond, $79.99) inside. You may need to shop around more to find these types of innovative pieces, but they’re well worth the extra storage space and added tidiness.

2. Utilize Corners
In apartments with limited space, all available room in nooks, crannies and corners must be utilized wisely. Get creative with shelving in corners. Save a little space with unique round shelving or these clever DIY shelves from Apartment Therapy. You can even make a mini home office with a custom-made desk to fit the space.

3. Folding Beds & Furniture
A wall bed, also known as a Murphy Bed, that folds up against a wall is an excellent solution for a small one room studio. When not in use, it stays out of the way in a unit that can include bookshelves and drawers. Other pieces such as drop leaf tables (IKEA, $39.99), desks and chairs save room by folding up into walls as well. To see how folding furniture can be taken to the next level, check out this tiny apartment where all furniture and appliances folds/slides into one wall!

4. Create Optical Illusions
Everyone knows mirrors can create the illusion of more space in a room. But to add even more depth, place mirrors high on walls and use special tilting brackets so they hang slightly downward. Of course, this won’t actually create more space in your apartment, but it will definitely help to make it feel roomier and less cramped. For even more small apartment organization tips, see this helpful article from Marie Clare.

Got an ingenious small space organization tip of your own? Share your small apartment storage ideas below in the comments.

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  • I think you’re right: having some wall shelves can be very helpful in small spaces. It seems like having shelves on the floor isn’t much different but it really opens up a room. I’ve been thinking of putting up some bookshelves up in the study in my room but I’m not exactly sure how to do it without damaging the wall. Thanks for sharing your tips though, I’ll have to look into some of these options myself!

  • Great article; I thought your point on multi-purpose furniture was very helpful. My daughter is moving soon, and she’s been researching different apartments that she might move into. I’ll have to show her your article; once she finds a place, she’ll be able to keep it organized! 

  • I have been all about the multipurpose furniture. It really just make storage something that is easy. There was a bench that I saw that could convert to a bed frame and a bench. That is something that really is the best for making the most out of limited space. Thank you for sharing this information. http://southbend-storage.com/storage-units/

  • We just moved into a rather cramped apartment. Granted, I can see the sense behind all of these tips, but nothing creates more space than simply getting some kind of off-site storage working for you. We, for instance, have many boxes and not much shelving space. It’s made our whole place feel cluttered. If we manage to get some of those boxes stored elsewhere, we might find ourselves with a much more livable situation.

  • The thing that stuck out to me was how the article talks about making a space your own.  Also, the part where it mentions “putting some of your things in self storage” also stuck out to me because sometimes you may not have enough room in your home.  It would seem like something that could vary from person to person and what their needs are. http://cambridgeselfstorage.com/arlington-massachusetts

  • Multipurpose furniture is definitely something worth considering. It is a great way to save space if  you have the right items. A lot of sofa ottomans these days have built in storage. They are a great place to hide blankets and other living room items. http://www.sureline.ca/Templates/packaging.html

  • I find the idea for using the space in the corners very smart – the space there is always undermined. I moved in smaller house this year and let me tell you – you should use every space – under the stair, in the corners, etc. to make it work.
    Storage Hampstead

  • I find the idea for using the space in the corners very smart – the
    space there is always undermined. I moved in smaller house this year and
    let me tell you – you should use every space – under the stair, in the
    corners, etc. to make it work.
    Regards,Storage Hampstead Ltd.