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40,000 Trees and Counting!

We've got incredible news to share, and just in time for two eco-friendly days: Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the American Forests' Global ReLeaf Program, and our environmentally-conscious Customers, we're proud to announce that CubeSmart has helped to plant 40,000 trees! To commemorate this amazing achievement, we've developed an infographic to highlight the benefits that each of these 40,000 trees has had across the country. But we're not done yet! With your help, we are committed to planting even more. Simply click "Plant a Tree for Me" when you reserve a CubeSmart cube online and when you move in we’ll plant a tree on your behalf! With your help, we can continue our efforts to create a healthier planet.

40K Trees Infographic-Final

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