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DIY Projects for Old, Vintage Silverware

April showers can bring May flowers, but you may also find yourself with an overabundance of forks, knives, and spoons if you're planning to celebrate your nuptials soon. With all the wedding gifts you and your new spouse will receive, you may be tempted to toss your old silverware in favor of the one listed on your registry. But with a little help from your DIY skills, you can craft them into something new. For inspiration, we've compiled nine ideas to get you started. As always, if you are too busy finalizing the last-minute details for your wedding or are enjoying your honeymoon, you can always store your project-to-be at your local CubeSmart center. May the Forks (knives, and spoons) be with you!

    1. The cost of getting married can a big financial burden for many newlyweds, especially if you are planning to purchase or renovate a new home during your first year together. A smart way to save some cash and give your home a new look and feel is by updating existing fixtures using old utensils.
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      Image via Memoirs from Morocco


    1. You and your spouse-to-be already make beautiful music together, but with this upcycling trick you can do it literally. Using old utensils, beads, string, and a wooden block, you could create a wind chime to complement your home.
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      Image via Almanac.com


    1. Once you've tied the knot, you're hooked to your spouse for life, not your old utensils. Use ‘em as a creative and decorative way to add extra storage space in your closet or around the house.
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      Image via Do It Yourself Pin


    1. Don't fork around with this idea if you hate the idea of wearable utensils. But if you are looking to add an additional piece of metalware to your fingers this spring, this crafty idea may be perfect for you.
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      Image via Fork and Spoon Jewelry


    1. Looking to add one more personal and elegant touch to your wedding? Upcycling old forks as placeholder may be the solution you've been looking for. Heart and Home shares how.
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      Image via Heart and Home


    1. Now here's an illuminating idea to add beautiful yet functional purpose to your space! Old utensils can be upcycled into a chandelier for your home. Overlap utensils to create elegant lightening for a dining room or use a few spoons around hanging light fixtures.
      upcycled utensils 6a
      Image via Poetic Home
      upcycled utensils 6b
      Image via Moco Loco


    1. In a few simple steps, you can create a striking statement piece for your home. Flamingo Toes shows you how using a few items that you may already have in your storage unit.
      upcycled utensils 7
      Image via Flamingo Toes


    1. Frustrated by your lack of a green thumb? With this idea from LJCFYI.com, you won't need one. Craft utensils into metal flowers that'll bloom all year long regardless of the weather.
      upcycled utensils 8
      Image via LJCFYI.com


    1. What an egg-cellent idea from What I Made! This upcycled egg holder could be great way to enjoy a boiled egg every morning or as an votive holder to set the mood for a romantic dinner.
      upcycled utensils 9
      Image via What I Made


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