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More of the Coolest Bookshelves You've Ever Seen

Since so many of you liked our last post about bookshelves, we’re back to prove once again that libraries are NOT dull. Scroll through this list of 8 more completely unique ways of storing books and use the comments to tell us which one’s your favorite.

1. This bookshelf by Niko Economidis makes it easy to keep track of all books you’ve read and the ones that you still need to read.
book 1

2. Don't get caught off balance by this asymmetrical bookcase by Malagna Design.
book 2

3. With this bookcase by Dripta Design, you can keep your head and books in a cloud.
book 3

4. This combination chair/bookcase from Daisuke Motogi Architecture unites two ideas: getting lost in a good book and finding objects between couch cushions.
book 4

5. With help from Robert Corazza, you can build a Tree of Knowledge to house all your favorite books.
book 5

6. Frame literary masterpieces alongside your favorite artistic ones with these baroque-styled bookshelves from
Graham and Green.
book 6

7. How magical is this? With this invisible bookshelf from Umbra, your books can float out of thin air!
book 7

8. Questioning why this bookcase by is cool? Designer Tembolat Gugkaev has all the answers.
book 8

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