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#WinterIsntComing: Decluttering Your Home Now That Spring is Here


Now that spring is finally here, it's time to think about ditching your wintry blues, grays, and whites for sandals and shorts. We're just as excited about the warm temperatures to come as we are about organizing all our winter gear and storing it away for a few months. Since cold weather gear tends to take up lots of room, packing away those heavy coats, scarves and gloves will help your home feel less cluttered. With the excitement that winter isn’t coming, we’ve compiled a list of things you can finally pack away until winter returns.
Happy Spring!

    • Say goodbye to all your winter outerwear. You won’t need ’em until the temperatures are cold again! Trade in your boots, mittens, and heavy coats for shorts, light jackets and sandals in anticipation of the warmer weather.


    • April isn’t likely to bring any snow showers, so you can safely store any of your snow removal equipment. For tips how to prepare your tools for extended storage in your CubeSmart cube, check out our snowblower guide for the perpetually snowed in.


    • You won’t need skis, snowboards, or sleds this spring, unless you are planning a ski trip. But soon you could have fun in the sun on the beach, so get your swimsuits and swim gear ready instead.


    • For all our Customers in college, heavy backpacks full of textbooks and class notes will soon be replaced by anything but. Say goodbye to notebooks, exams, and thesis papers and hello to sunglasses, and three long months of summer.


    • Curling up by a warm fire is a wonderful winter activity, but now that spring is here, you can enjoy the weather outside by planning a picnic or two. Any excess logs for your fireplace can be exchanged for baskets, blankets, and everything else you’d need for a day in the park.


    • Now that spring is here, you may want to feel a cool breeze in your hair. Perfect time to put your SUV or sedan inside a vehicular unit and take your convertible for a much deserved spin. If you store a classic car at CubeSmart, it’s time you took it out for a long drive on sunny afternoon to take in the beauty of spring.


Although winter is coming for some of your favorite TV characters, we hope that you are ready for a long and warm spring. In the comments below, share which wintery items you're excited to finally pack away this spring.

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