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20 Great Gifts for the Neat Freak in Your Life

We all have that one Type A friend—the one with the never-ending "to do" list and that "just right" way of doing things. In fact, maybe it's you. Or maybe, you just want a not-so-subtle gift for the messy person in your life.

These gift ideas will have you covered for that next birthday or anniversary (who says organizing gifts aren't romantic?). From methodical moms to office managers, we've got gifts for organizers of all stripes. It's time to embrace your planning side

1. Electronics Cleaning Brush
Cleaning a keyboard

Photo: The Container Store

Look at your keyboard. Look closer. Ew, right? Frequently used electronics are dirt magnets, and they can be almost impossible to clean. This handy little pen-sized brush helps to dust out the difficult-to-reach spaces in just about any device.

2. Lazy Susan
Lazy susan with wine

Photo: Wine Enthusiast

Winner of one of the best names for a household item, a lazy susan might be classically pictured spinning gently in the center of a table, but these versatile stands are just as useful in other spaces. Give it along with circular shelf for a great way to store spice containers or craft supplies.

3. Chalkboard Paint Labels
Chalkboard Paint Labels

Photo: Amazon

Chalkboard paint is hot right now, and for good reason: it’s not only cool looking, but also useful! It quickly turns any surface into a place to write, and wipes clean with a damp cloth. But neat freaks hate making a mess—and paint is definitely messy. Get them these stylish stick-on labels instead.

4. Stackable Boxes
pink, circular stackable boxes

Photo: IKEA

Despite what some people think, storage doesn’t have to be boring or plain. Cute patterned boxes keep things organized and are pretty enough to be displayed on a dresser. A three-layer box like this makes sorting accessories or makeup easier than ever.

5. Carabiners
Colorful Carabiners

Photo: Amazon

Wait, what? Don’t think that carabiners can only be used in rock climbing. They’re also great for hanging bags, organizing keys, or keeping hair ties in line. Get a set in funky colors and give a few to the fastidious friends on your list. Just remember to give them something else, too.

6. Label Maker
Electronic Label Maker

Photo: Amazon

There are few things in this world that set an organized person drooling faster than a nice label maker. Something is so satisfying about seeing rows of letters on every box and bin. Don’t think this idea is just restricted to your super neat friends, though—a label maker is a thoughtful office organization gift, too.

7. Trunk Organizer
Organize your trunk

Photo: Amazon

Between tools, emergency kits, sports equipment, and all the things kids leave around, trunks can get messy quickly. Save your giftee the hassle of rustling through all the stuff rolling around back there with a trunk organizer. They'll thank you later.

8. Drawer Organizers
Drawer Organizer Set

Photo: Amazon

It’s so tempting to just throw everything in a drawer and close it up. That's why one of the great organizing gifts is also one of the most hidden. Drawer organizers are best placed out of sight, out of mind, but your Type A friend will be glad to have them when they need to find something.

9. Handbag of Holding
best handbag for organizers


Photo: Think Geek

Women know exactly how useful a purse is for toting things around, but wasting time digging around for lip balm is never fun. A bag chock full of compartments, pockets, and pouches is a perfect gift for organized moms—and that one friend who always carries a giant purse. You know who we mean.

10. Over-the-door Organizer
over-the-door organizer

Photo: Bed Bath And Beyond

Any neat freak worth their salt knows that one of the best ways to organize is to go vertical. Over-the-door styles are one of the must-have organizers for the space maximizer in your life. They're so versatile they can be used to store anything from ties and shoes and toys and snacks. Win!

11. Earbud Holder
earbuds in a holder

Photo: Walmart

Sometimes, the best organizational gifts are the smallest. Tangled earbuds can take forever to straighten out, and as soon as they go back into your bag or pocket, they seem to instantly knot up. Save your loved one some untangling time with an earbud holder.

12. Grid Organizer
gird organizer for office supplies

Photo: B&H Foto

Here's one organizing gift that literally anyone can use. Grid organizers are perfect for little necessities, especially oddly shaped and easily lost items. Craft supplies, electronics, beauty products, tools—someone in your life definitely needs this.

13. Under-Bed Storage Bags
storage bags for under the bed

Photo: Bed Bath And Beyond

Nothing irritates an organized person more than wasted space—and out-of-season clothing takes up a lot of it in closets and dressers. Under-bed storage bags keep clothing neat and dust-free until it can be worn again, and can also be used for spare bedding and towels.

14. Remote Trackers
remote key tracker

Photo: Men’s Fitness

Don't you always seem to lose your keys when you're most in a rush? If only you had a tracking device for small, important items! Fortunately, the future is now – tiny trackers for keys, wallets, and luggage are readily available, and make a cool tech gift.

15. Desk Set
styish desk organizing set

Photo: Amazon

Desk clutter isn’t pretty, but neither are most of the solutions to it. Plain manila folders and basic black paper trays do little to jazz up an office sorely in need of some personality. Break up the beige blah with desk organizing gifts that are colorful and chic.

16. Video Game Stand and Storage
Video Game Storage

Photo: Amazon

Video games and systems are just about the coolest gift any kid (or adult) could ask for, but between accessories, games, and all those wires, they can turn into a downright mess. A stand designed specifically for your favorite gamer is one of the best organization gifts for him—or her!

17. Scarf Hanger
scarves on a hanger

Photo: Amazon

When the weather heats up, the scarves go in storage. With a hanger made just for accessories, storing them neatly can be just as easy as putting them on. Pair this hanger with a cute scarf for a thoughtful gift in any season.

18. Cable Management Set
Cable Management Set

Photo: IKEA

Cords—organization freaks hate ‘em.  They’re hard to hide, tough to keep in place, and just plain unattractive. That's why a cable management set is so necessary for neat freaks. These handy little boxes contain enough clips and ties to tame all their cords into orderly submission.

19. Document Scanner
scanning documents

Photo: Amazon

Today's scanners are sleek, portable creations made to quickly provide you with a digital copy of any document. If an organized business owner or financially savvy geek is on your list, this is the ideal present.

20. Movie Storage Tower
storage tower

Photo: Amazon

Got a movie buff on your list? Those little DVD boxes can quickly stack up and take over a room. In addition to adding a few new flicks to their collection, help them organize it with a cool, functional piece of furniture perfectly sized for DVDs and Blu-rays.

You don't have to be a stickler to get the perfect gift for the perfectionist in your life. Our gift guide for obsessive organizers is a great start—maybe it will even inspire you to get a little more organized.

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