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4 DIY Weekend Basement Storage Projects

Tired of looking at the clutter in your basement? Continually picking up games, toys, and sports equipment? How about not being able to find the holiday decorations because they are buried under luggage and other things in your basement? Here are four do-it-yourself basement storage ideas that are easy enough to accomplish in a weekend or less.

1. Basement Storage Shelving
colored bins on metal shelves

Shelf + container = storage! This cheap basement shelving is a simple solution for storing holiday decorations, kids' toys, small sports equipment, and more. Use shelving already in place, buy new shelves from a hardware store, or upcycle some old scrap wood lying around to make cheap storage shelves. The next and final step is to simply buy large, plastic storage containers. (Tip: Color code them for an extra-organized basement idea.) The choice is up to you, and the sky—or your basement ceiling—is the limit.

2. DIY Ceiling Storage

man using ceiling storage

Image via The Family Handyman

This is one of our favorite DIY storage projects, simply because the ceiling is so often overlooked. Take advantage of the space with this simple solution to get sports equipment, luggage, camping gear, and other items off the floor and into storage. Reuse old wire shelves or pick up low-cost wire shelves at the store. You can use the wire shelving nails and clips to hang the racks, but it might hold better if you secure the shelves in place with U-shaped nails or heavy-duty staples. The best thing about this solution is that not only are the items out of the way, but you can see what is being stored through the wire rack.

3. Built-in Basement Storage

built-in bookshelves along the stairs

Image via This Old House

If your basement is finished, you are probably not going to want shelving units with plastic containers or ceiling racks. You're going to need a solution that fits in with your décor and style. Use the area under the stairs to build in shelves to use as a bookcase, a wine rack, or trophy display. Or go a little easier route and purchase bookcases of different heights to create a “step pattern” for all your books, games, and memorabilia. Finish off the bottom of the bookcases with matching trim to make it look like these DIY basement storage shelves have been there all along!

4. Versatile DIY Shelving

colorful cubby shelves

Image via Home My Design

This last storage idea for basements may actually take more than one weekend, but it's versatile and attractive. Build out an area or corner of your basement for your children to use as they grow up. Start when they are toddlers with bright colors and use compartments for toys, stuffed animals, and things they can easily reach (without asking mom and dad too many times). As they grow older, repaint the shelves and showcase their sports trophies, memorabilia, and diplomas. Once the kids have moved out, convert the area into a basement bar or decorate with family photos of all the trips you have taken over the years. This is one creative basement storage idea that can last for years and offers a great storage solution for sports “bragging rights” and memories!

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