How to Store Sports Gear When You Don’t Have Garage Storage

If you play sports, you know that your equipment and gear needs good storage. However, without a basement, garage storage or a self-storage unit nearby, keeping your gear in place can become more difficult. You can find many great sports equipment storage ideas to maximize your space, keep your equipment in great condition, and make sure that everything is in its place.

Use bungee cord to create ball storage

Sports gear storage can be difficult. Instead of storing balls in a box or in a place where they’ll get in the way, consider setting up bungee cord storage. All you need is a few cords and a square frame. Hook the cords to the top and bottom of the frame, and you’ll have a way to store balls of all sizes. Getting the equipment in and out of storage is simple, and this arrangement helps keep the balls secure in an out-of-the-way space.
One of the best parts about using a bungee cord option for your sports equipment storage solutions is that you can use this arrangement in spots that would otherwise be wasted space. For example, the area between your garage door and the wall is a great option.

Use laundry bags to store sports equipment

When considering storage for sports equipment, you’ll quickly find that you want to be able to see the items you’re storing. When you use laundry bags, you’re able to see and identify your gear. In addition, you can store all the items for each sport together, allowing you or your children to grab the gear and go.
Another reason that laundry bags make outstanding sports equipment storage is that these bags don’t take up much space when they’re not being used. When you have your gear in the bags, you can hang them, stack them, or store them in many ways.

Use a corkboard to hang sports gear

Get creative with your household storage: sports equipment and corkboards. Take an unused section of wall and put up a corkboard. When you use a corkboard, you can easily hang items of varying sizes so that your gear becomes easily accessible and visible. You can hang hooks or create plank areas for larger items.
Depending on the size of your wall space and how much corkboard you use, you can store everything from gloves to bikes. This idea is one of the most versatile sports gear storage options for your home. No matter what games you play, you’ll find that corkboard allows you to keep everything in one place.

Shelving Units

Sports equipment storage options
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When you’re thinking about how to store sports equipment, you’ll quickly find that one of the most practical ideas is a shelving unit. Shelving units are versatile and allow you to store as many items as you need in the space you have. Are you storing many small items? If so, you can easily install shelves close together. If you need to store large items, you can choose how much space you allow between shelves.

Hang your bike or surfboard from ceiling hooks

Do you have several large items you need to store, such as bikes and surfboards? Ceiling hooks are a great option to keep your gear off the floor and in good condition. While ceiling hooks aren’t a good option for every type of sports gear, they work wonders for larger items that take up much floor space. You can use storage hooks in the garage or in the basement, and you can position them to offer you enough headroom while keeping equipment out of your way.

Dedicate a shoe rack to you athletic shoes

Many sports require different types of shoes. If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly find your closet is running out of space for the shoes you’ve acquired. Use a shoe rack in the garage or another storage area to keep pairs of shoes together and easy to find. You’ll find many different types of shoe racks to choose from, enabling you to easily find the right option for you. If you’re running out of floor space in your mudroom or closet, consider hanging a shoe rack on the wall or using over-the-door shoe storage.

Organize your sport gear into duffle bags

If the games you play have only a few pieces of equipment or use small items, duffel bags are a great storage option. You can keep everything for each sport in a duffle bag, allowing you to grab the bag and go. After practice, everything goes back in the bag for the next time. One of the reasons that duffle bags are a great choice is that they’re easy to store. Additionally, duffle bags can keep your equipment out of the elements and safe from any damage.
When thinking about storage for sports equipment, the storage options you choose depends on the spaces that you have available in your home and the gear that you need to store. With many great storage styles to choose from, you’re sure to find storage solutions that work for you and your family.

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