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Household Storage

Have you ever wished you had a third or even fourth car garage to keep extra belongings, or a dedicated area of the basement with wall-to-wall storage shelves to keep your household items organized? You may not have a lot of extra space in your home for household storage.
As a homeowner, you need household storage solutions that will help you to get and stay organized, as well as household storage facilities that offer easy access and security features that help to reduce the worry of storing everything from wood furniture to metals and fabrics. With hundreds of storage facilities across the country and tens of thousands of customers, we understand what is important to you if you need extra storage space, whether for a short period of time or as an extension of your home.

Household Storage Benefits

We have designed our storage facilities to accommodate the needs of all types of self-storage customers. You control how and when you use and access them. Among the many benefits of our storage facilities are the following:
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Full stock of packing supplies, including boxes, tape, bubble-wrap and more
  • Easy access
  • Rental trucks to make it easy to move household items across town or across the country
  • A variety of security features, including 24-hour video recordings, electronic-gated access, and well lit surroundings

Flexible Lease Terms

In addition to offering convenient access, we also offer flexible lease terms. Our month-to-month storage leases give you the flexibility to store your household items for as long, or as little, as you need.

Convenient Locations

With more than 1,150 facilities nationwide, we have a storage location near you. For additional information and to reserve your storage unit today, search above, visit any of our local storage facilities or call 1-844-655-1427.