Find Warehouse Storage Near You

Warehouse storage provides a practical, flexible solution to your business storage needs.

Do You Need Warehouse Space for Rent?           

CubeSmart offers small warehouse space for rent that is a great alternative to taking out a lease on an industrial property. Leases are a long-term engagement that are not ideal for many small businesses. Our flex space warehouses give you the square footage you need right now.

Why Store With CubeSmart?

Our warehouse spaces include a large area and a small office. Most spaces have a roll-up door and a separate customer service entrance as well. They can be customized with unique features such as individual lighting, automatic door openers, and dedicated electricity. This type of space is ideal for HVAC contractors, electricians, distributors, landscape businesses, and more.

Stay Agile With Flexible Warehouse Space

In business, it can be hard to know where you’ll be financially next year, or even next month. If you have fluctuating inventory needs or a growing workforce, flex space could be just what you need. CubeSmart’s cheap warehouse space makes it easy for you to stay adaptable and respond to changes in your business.

Save Money the Smart Way

Our warehouse storage facilities help you stay ahead of the competition by cutting your costs and increasing efficiencies. Don’t rent more space than you need until you’re sure you need it—and don’t pay more than you have to on commercial leases with no extra benefits.

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