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Furniture Storage

Wondering what to do with your furniture if you are renovating your home, living room or dining room, or temporarily downsizing to a smaller apartment? Finding furniture storage space around the house can be a challenge, as most people just don’t have extra space to fit a couch, extra tables or chairs. Convenient access to a furniture self-storage unit may be the solution for you.
Many situations require furniture storage units – from protecting your furniture during a renovation to staying organized during a life-changing event, such as a cross-town or cross-country move. With hundreds of furniture storage facilities across the country, and tens of thousands of customers, we understand what is important to people looking for extra storage space, whether for a short-term or long-term extension of their homes.
Furniture Storage Benefits
We have storage facilities to best suit the needs of all types of customers. Some of the many benefits of our storage facilities include:
  • Climate-controlled storage units offer the temperature control you need
  • Full stock of packing supplies, including boxes, tape, bubble-wrap and more
  • Easy, drive-up access to load and unload furniture at your convenience
  • Security features, including 24-hour video recordings,
    electronic-gated access, and well-lit surroundings.
Flexible Storage Lease Terms
While we offer convenient storage access, we also offer flexible lease terms. Our month-to-month storage leases give you the flexibility to store your furniture for short-term or long-term storage, as you need.
Convenient Storage Location Spaces
With more than 1,150 storage facilities nationwide, we have the right storage space near you. For additional information and to reserve your storage unit today, search facilities below, visit any of our local storage facilities, or call 1-877-279-7585.