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6 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Self Storage

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There's no denying that most city apartments aren't exactly generous in the storage department. And even though creative New Yorkers are pretty slick when it comes to keeping every belonging within their tiny domain, sometimes those storage hacks aren't enough. There is, however, a practical way city slickers can get extra storage space when they can't find a home for every item inside their small apartment space. It's called self storage.

For New Yorkers, self storage has become a lifesaver. In fact, more and more of the city's denizens continue to turn to storage facilities to stockpile their seasonal and oversized items. Self storage might sound like a service that only accumulators would need. That could be true for suburbanites who are lucky to own homes with basements and garages, but still can't find a place for every tchotchke they own. But in the Big Apple, even after a heavy edit, it's nearly impossible to squeeze every last personal possession into one or two rooms. (We're talking 500 square feet max.) Because after downsizing from that sprawling bungalow in the burbs or ditching your roommates and moving across town, a single closet doesn't cut it.

Learn why New Yorkers love self storage, and why you should consider looking into storage units near you, especially if your NYC pad is bursting at the seams.

1. Storage is affordable.

With storage unit prices starting as low as $40 to $50 per month, self storage isn't only functional it's affordable. Meanwhile, upgrading from a studio apartment with two small closets to a larger one-bedroom unit containing two additional closets could set you back an additional 50 percent each month. For example, if you pay $2,000 per month for a studio, you could easily pay $3,000 per month for a one-bedroom. If you're a New Yorker and you need that extra closet or two, self storage is probably your most economical option.

2. It’s hassle-free.

You might perceive self storage as a hassle since the storage units aren’t located in your apartment building. False. Today's self storage companies are making the process easy and stress-free, so there's no reason to live with boxes of your winter clothes stacked sky-high in your living room all summer long. Don't you want to see that view you're paying for? Since most anything can be picked up or delivered in New York City, it's no surprise that storage follows the same rules. In NYC, most self storage companies will come to your door to retrieve your personal gear, and then transport your stuff to a nearby facility. They'll also deliver the goods right to your door. Imagine that? That's right. No schlepping needed.

3. Helps declutter.

Self storage not only provides a straightforward way to organize excess stuff, but those tiny apartments will almost feel sprawling after a trip to self storage. Who would've imagined that you'd have so much extra space for your vinyl collection? And all because you parted ways with your textbooks from Freshman year. And the bonus: with the additional living room floor space since you've cleared out the boxes, your friends can get their groove on during your next martini night, or maybe play Twister.

4. Extension of your closet.

Calling all fashionistas. You love your clothes but don't love the limited space you have to work with in your tiny NYC apartment. Even after storing your sweaters in the oven in a very Carrie Bradshaw-like fashion, space is scarce. Luckily in New York, storage units are plentiful, and chances are, there's one closer to you than you think. Imagine having the walk-in closet of your dreams – expect you'll actually have to walk to it but who cares! All the space you need so your passion for fashion can grow comfortably.

5. Moving assistance.

Self storage companies provide professional-grade packing supplies, as well as moving services for NYC residents to pack up their pads. That means no worries about finding a moving company or gathering enough of the right size boxes. Plus, you'll have a climate-controlled storage if you need it, and a helping hand so you can make a smooth transition when switching apartments or relocating to another borough. This feature alone is priceless, in my opinion.

6. Flexible leasing terms.

Need to store some items because you're in between apartments? Or, maybe you need a reliable place to house some work-related materials for your long-awaited passion project? Rent space for three months or three years. No silly terms or cancellation fees. Take advantage of self storage with month-to-month leases if you're unsure how long you'll need it.

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